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OCR CuneiForm OCR CuneiForm is a free utility for text scanning and Optical Character Recognition. Initially, the program was created for commercial use, but the later company developed the open code source of the program.

OCR CuneiForm recognizes fonts for all tracings received from the printer except decorative and manuscripts. The software has a special algorithm that can identify text on low-quality media, such as poor copies and faxes.

CuneiForm OCR Review

CuneiForm OCR is a free, open-source application that converts scanned documents into editable text. It was originally developed for Linux and Windows, but it now has pre-built packages for OS X.

CuneiForm’s biggest strength is its ability to automatically detect page boundaries—no need to manually set margins or crop images before scanning them into CuneiForm (but you can do this if you want). The program’s user interface is also simple and easy to use.

Installation is elementary: just download the latest version from the developer’s website and extract the archive somewhere on your computer. Then open the terminal window and navigate to the folder where you extracted CuneiForm OCR.

The software uses a single-pass, two-stage process to recognize text in images. The first stage converts the image into a set of loose tokens, which are then cleaned up and organized in the second stage. CuneiForm currently supports English, German, French, and Spanish.

CuneiForm’s most significant advantage over Tesseract is that it can use both bitmap and vector images as input. This makes it suitable for converting documents into digital formats for reading on tablets or smartphones. It should also work well with small images, such as a business card or signboard.

Key functional characteristics

High quality OCR;

the top speed of the program;

over 20 languages are recognized;

can operate in auto defrag mode to search for text boxes, tables, and images;

acceptance of tables of unique structures without displaying the grid lines;

figures and tables are automatically saved in the output document;

full preservation of the page topology;

allows for batch scanning and recognition;

integrated text editor to work with recognized text;

combined images displayed and results from recognition.

Technical specifications & Download Link

Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Cognitive Technologies
System: Windows All
Program size: 33.3 Mb

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