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Accessing the settings on your phone to identify the action currently in progress is often a problem. Navigation through Android menus can be confusing, and locating the task in front of you isn’t always easy.

With QuickShortcutMaker Apk, you can access the menu using shortcuts that direct you to the currently required information.

The QuickShortcutMaker app helps you create shortcuts to your programs and other software that you install on your phone. Create shortcuts quickly with a single click. Install the APK file, then the menu for shortcuts will show up after installing the application.

QuickShortcutMaker Review

What is Quick Shortcut Maker? Its primary function is to generate shortcuts to applications derived from the set of actions installed on the phone and customize them to suit your needs. Users can choose to “hide” the app with an alternative logo and name, which they have not noticed.

QuickShortcutMaker displays shortcuts for the most commonly used features. Additionally, the application lets you quickly and easily search for and locate the required apps on your phone that you need to run.

The program comes with an embedded search engine, into which you can type the application’s name to find it from all the software installed, including access to your most-loved ones.

Key App Features

User-friendly and simple to use;

A quick search for apps and programs;

Instant one-click shortcut creation;

Ability to create shortcuts for otherwise inaccessible hidden screens and settings;

Filter by tasks, actions, apps, and favorites;

Search by keyword;

Select between step-by-step or normal search mode;

Sort results alphabetically;

Display icons on the list for easy access;

Search History;

Alter the task icons;

Run actions and make sure they are performing their function;

Check the app’s information and share it;

Create shortcuts on the home screen;

Direct access to your Google Play page.

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How do I use the QuickShortcutMaker App?

The first step is to install the app. You can do this by downloading the QuickshortcutMaker APK from the same page or via Google Play.

The home screen and the application do not shine with its interface. This is mainly because the program uses templates used in outdated versions of Android. Nevertheless, it is effortless to use.

There are four main sections.

The first is “Activities”. We will find specific app functions we can link to our homepage. A good example is the particular action of opening a new tab in incognito mode with Chrome.

The following section is “Applications”. You will find all the installed apps on your phone in this list. We have the option to create personalized shortcuts for any of them.

Next, we find the last two sections: “Favorite” apps and “History”.

The main menu of the app is unadorned. You can open it by clicking on the three dots you find at the top right of the screen. In the pop-up menu, click “Settings”.

Here, we find several options worthy of attention. For example, “Clear history” allows us to delete the history section.

You can also clear the app’s cache to remove performance errors.

When we open each app or action, we access a menu to create shortcuts. Here you can customize the tag and icon.

You can add the app to your favorites list by clicking on the star.

“App Info” opens the app tab, which we usually find in the phone settings. “Share app info” allows us to send data about the app, and “View on Google Play Store” shows us more detailed information on the store.

In general, QuickShortcutMaker supports two types of search:

  • normal,
  • and incremental.

You can change this behavior using the drop-down menu you find at the top of the screen.What is the use of quick shortcut maker

How do I create shortcuts in a program?

The process is elementary; below, we will explain how. For example, we will use Chrome and its incognito mode.

  1. The first thing you have to do is open QuickShortcutMaker and search for an application or feature. Here, we enter “Chrome”.
  2. Next, open the drop-down list of actions.
  3. Select the specific action or feature you want to add to the app launcher.
  4. On the next screen, use “Create”.
  5. The shortcut will appear on your device’s home screen if all goes well.

Due to compatibility issues, these steps may not work. Creating shortcuts no longer works for Android 10 and later versions. However, it is still possible to create shortcuts by following these steps.

  1. Tap and hold your finger in a space on the home screen.
  2. From the context menu, select “Widgets”.
  3. Scroll until you find the QuickShortcutMaker section.
  4. Then press and hold your finger on the widget and drag it to the home screen.
  5. Next, find Chrome (or any other app) and select the action you want to access quickly.
  6. Click “Create” and a shortcut will be added to your home screen.

In both cases, simply clicking on the shortcut will cause Chrome to open a new tab in incognito mode. With QuickShortcutMaker, you can perform various processes, and get quick access to certain features, avoiding multiple screen taps.

Is QuickShortcutMaker safe?

This section will explain how secure this unique shortcut tool is. Is there malware or viruses? Is the APK safe enough to be installed on our device?

QuickShortcutMaker is safe to use. This implies that its installation APK or file is free of malware. When you download Quick Shortcut Maker APK from our site or install the app from Google Play, you do not put at risk the safety of the device.

This app doesn’t require any authorization. Therefore, there’s no chance of compromising your privacy.

The application does not need access to the camera, microphone, or other locations to use its capabilities.

Also, it doesn’t require storage space or internet access.

Its principal function is to create shortcuts to apps and advanced features of the operating system. Therefore, it is logical to believe that this application doesn’t violate private information in any respect.

Another important aspect is that QuickShortcutMaker doesn’t need a device with root rights to work. Thus, it doesn’t have access to the sensitive areas of the operating systems, and its functions are safely performed. This app can be used without worrying about altering the default settings on your phone.

Although it has its benefits, one of the flaws of this application is the lack of assistance it gets. As per Google Play, the latest version of the app was made available in February 2014. This puts into question the ongoing development of the app and the fact that the app’s owners are continuing to work to improve the app’s security. Since that date, the application hasn’t seen any updates, and the appearance is outdated.

Overall, QuickShortcutMaker is a secure and free application that can aid you in making the most out of your computer and increase your productivity.


QuickShortcutMaker has been created to fix issues that aren’t improved, despite improvements by Android versions. It’s a valuable task manager that lets you discover what you require and what’s not available within the operating system.

Additionally, it performs an essential function by quickly searching for applications that are not used often. It can be challenging to locate them among the apps downloaded to your smartphone and available on your desktop.

It also prevents the installation of an extra launcher that isn’t everyone’s favorite because it uses more resources and adds unnecessary and sometimes irritating components, including third-party advertising applications or subtle changes.

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Technical information

License: Free
OS: Android
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Language: English
Author: sika524
Content rating: All ages
File size: 2 MB
Minimum Android version: 1.6
MD5: 513eb93fb7c2a5bec09d24e547b1a516
SHA1: 7862bba019784fd471181eae1acfdf15bdb5a0d7

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