What are Google Maps? This service consists of several applications that are provided free of charge, and includes a map site and a route planning program (Google Transit). Google maps offer a satellite view of so many cities on the planet, and include a detailed map of streets, houses, ways to travel by car or other transport, a guide to various objects, and so on.

Special features

A Google Maps map is displayed in two variations:

  • traditional map (analogue of Mercator’s maps),
  • and satellite (this map does not work online, but it was made some time ago).

The scale of the maps is also based on the Mercator projection, that is, it is constant and changes from the poles to the equator downwards.

Google’s map is closely related to another separate corporation project, the Google Planet, which clearly shows the regions of the Earth’s poles. For which places are the satellite map available? Not for everyone, but only for the big cities of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and others.

Not all governments have approved satellite use of maps (since the placement of some objects clearly visible on maps can be used by terrorists to plan and launch attacks). That is why many of the objects on the maps are shaded. Such “secret” objects include, for example, the White House or the Capitol.

Different places on satellite images are given in different resolutions – the less populated the area, the less detailed it is. Also, some places in the pictures can be hidden due to the shadow of the clouds. It should be noted that not all images were made from a satellite – most of the images were obtained due to aerial photography from a height of 300 meters.

JavaScript is widely used in Google Maps. When a user moves around the map by dragging it, new sections are loaded from the server and displayed on the page. If the user searches for specific objects, the search result is inserted in the sidebar, and the page itself does not require a reload. The location on the map is displayed dynamically through a red marker icon.

  • In 2006, the first version of Google Maps for mobile phones was released. To determine the location of the phone, a service similar to GPS is used.
  • In 2008, Google Maps was developed for Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Java (from 2+), iOS (Apple), Palm OS (Centro +).
  • In 2011, the corporation announced that it provides a map service to over 150 million customers.