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When designing Windows 11, Microsoft realized that the new version had to be a capable desktop operating system. As a result, the business focused on crucial areas such as enhancing multitasking while working with several windows; enhancing support for multiple displays; support for modern gaming technologies; and distribution of classic desktop apps through the Microsoft Store.

Will I be able to install Windows 11 on my PC?

Not all Windows 10 PCs will be compatible with Windows 11. Unlike Windows Ten, which provided broad backward compatibility with earlier systems up to Windows 7, Microsoft has decided to increase the system requirements significantly in Windows Eleven.

A machine with UEFI, Secure Boot support, and a TPM 2.0 chip is required to install Windows 11. A suitable 64-bit CPU or SoC is also included in the system requirements. As a result, all 32-bit and many 64-bit computers cannot be upgraded to the new OS.

Run the “PC Health Check” tool to see if Windows 11 will work on your device.

If you disable Secure Boot or the TPM microchip under UEFI, you will receive the error “Windows 11 cannot run on this computer.” When you enable these characteristics, the application will identify your device as being compatible with the new system.

You may also apply WhyNotWin11 to evaluate your PC’s compatibility with Windows 11, which will show you more reasons why your computer is incompatible with the new operating system.

Windows 11 Review

Microsoft Windows 11 features a significant change to the system’s appearance. First, the primary windows of OS 11 have been rounded to resemble macOS or Google’s Chrome OS. Second, the Start menu’s position has shifted. It has now been moved to the very center of the desktop panel.

The designers then altered the logo, which is now a geometric cross framed by a white square. Finally, Windows 11 includes a slew of new desktop backgrounds.

The features are now tailored for touch control.

Updating the team’s communication services was done thoroughly. They were made part of the system and improved. Microsoft intends to compete with popular messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
windows 11 desktop & start menu

Gamers will also like the ability to automatically include HDR (increased brightness range, making the image saturated) in typical games. Of course, having a computer display that supports this function is essential.

The Xbox system also has a cloud gamer service called xCloud (with it, you can play the digital entertainment on a remote server, and in the presence of good internet, you can play directly).

Microsoft has focused primarily on the installation of Android applications on their operating system.

Users can now download them directly from the official Windows Store thanks to the integration with Amazon services. Microsoft has managed to work entirely with mobile and desktop CPUs, promising “smooth and seamless” operation of Android applications.

Many customers dislike the Windows update procedure, which has been claimed to speed up by 40%—now they purportedly do not have to tamper with the system.

Further details of the device’s battery usage are available on Windows 11. Furthermore, laptop users can track the usage of installed programs using the system’s built-in tools.

android apps on windows 11Key Features

The system no longer has Live Tiles.

The Start menu is instead centered on the screen; however, it can be moved to the left, as it was in Windows 10, 7, and previous operating systems.

Microsoft improved its search function. Windows 11 can search both locally and on the internet, returning search results from both the computer (files, apps, and settings) and the internet.

Soft shadows and softened corners have been added to all context menus, programs, and Explorer, as well as the redesigned Start and Search. The design of all context menus and windows is now consistent.

The “Settings” screen has been revamped.

Microsoft boasts that the new OS is its “most secure” operating system. Furthermore, it is faster than Windows 10 “in most tasks,” such as streamlining the processing of background operations.

The size of updates has decreased by 40%. They will be put in place in the background.

Microsoft Teams chat is now available on Windows Eleven. Users can communicate through the messenger using chat, voice messaging, and video right away.

Snap Layouts instantly spread open windows over parts of the screen, while Snap Group groups apps together and remembers the location of their windows on display.

When working with multiple displays, new OS remembers the position of windows when external monitors are attached; apps will start on the “right” screen.

Users will be able to create and customize several desktops, as well as switch between them easily. You can, for example, set up distinct workstations for work and play.

The system features a separate page with customizable dashboards (Windows Widgets) that use AI technology to identify important information. News, weather, maps, and Microsoft Edge are among the built-in widgets.


Microsoft has updated gestures to make it easier to use the touch screen to operate Windows. Instead of tablet mode, for example, the system adjusts to screen taps.

Furthermore, the design is more tablet-friendly. Handwriting and voice typing, for example, have been improved, and some styluses will provide haptic feedback. Furthermore, when you spin the smartphone, apps will shift positions automatically.

The on-screen keyboard has been updated.

Android apps are supported out of the box with Windows 11. They can be pinned to the taskbar and run in the same window as OS applications.

Android apps are supported with the built-in Amazon Appstore and Intel Bridge technology.

Microsoft Store’s outlook and functionality have been modified.

Developers can include x86 and Android apps, use their payment system, and keep 100% of the revenue generated by their customers.

Outside the Windows 11 store, app updates are available through the developer’s network.

You can install apps directly from your browser by bypassing the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 has the Xbox app, which supports Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming.

The device supports AutoHDR, which automatically activates HDR pictures in supported games like Skyrim.

Direct Storage is supported by Windows 11, which speeds up game loading by downloading game data into graphics card memory. This will require using a contemporary NVMe SSD disk. A direct storage-capable device will be identified by a distinctive sticker.

Windows 11 will receive one major upgrade per year, rather than two, as was the case with Windows 10. Microsoft intends to make them available in the second half of the year.

chat in windows 11

What’s the difference between Windows 11 and 11SE?

Foremost, Windows 11SE is a logical expansion of Windows 10 Cloud. Despite the moniker “cloud,” it is not hosted on Microsoft’s remote servers. Its biggest distinction from the full version of Windows is the lack of the ability to install applications from sources apart from the official Microsoft store.

Such light versions of the operating system will be used by users for study or other non-trivial tasks. For example, text editing or basic photo processing. Microsoft intends to compete with Chrome OS, which is popular among Western students and schoolchildren, with Win11SE.

windows 11 interface

Windows 11 system requirements

Microsoft announced the minimum system requirements for the new operating system immediately following the official presentation.

64-bit dual-core 1GHz processor,
4 GB of RAM,
64 GB of free memory space,
Any video card compatible with DirectX 12,
Any HD screen with a resolution of over 720p.

If you are unsure whether Windows 11 will run on your computer, install a special Microsoft tool that will test its capabilities.

There are no system requirements for Windows 11SE, although it seems quite similar to the “big” version of the OS.

What devices run on Windows 11?

The most pressing question for users is which gadgets are supported by Microsoft’s next operating system. Ferra has prepared a list of laptops that support Windows 11.

Asus Zenbook, Vivobook, ProArt; HP Pavillion, ENVY, Spectre, and others; all Acer models no older than three years; and several Dell models such as Inspirion, G, Alienwave, and others are on the list.

However, keep in mind that simply having your device on the list does not guarantee that the new system will work well on it. To check your device’s compatibility with the operating system, Microsoft advises using the PC Health Check application.

How much do Windows 11 and 11SE cost?

Given Microsoft’s prior pricing policies, the new OS will cost customers at least $100. Windows 11SE will come pre-installed on various PC and laptop models for business or study.

Which operating system can I upgrade to Windows 11?

Microsoft has officially stated that users of current versions of Windows 10 will be able to update for free to version 11 if their PC supports it.

Should I upgrade to Win11 and 11SE?

It is worthwhile to upgrade to the most recent version of Windows. Another consideration is when. The upgrade system should be executed a few months after the system is officially released.

Microsoft’s developers will have repaired all the key issues in their new operating system by this time.

The initial release of the new OSwindows 11 dark theme

Participants in Microsoft’s early software testing program can download Windows 11.

Microsoft has released Early Build 22000.51 for Windows Insider program participants.

It differs from the one that was leaked before the official new OS unveiling. The Explorer command line, the Microsoft Store program, and the interface for connecting external monitors to the notebook have all been updated by Microsoft.

The PC Health Check application is the ideal technique to use if you want to install Windows 11 on your PC.

You can use it to determine whether your computer hardware is compatible with the new operating system.

windows 11 settings

How to install a pre-release version

A preview version of Windows Insider is out there for Windows enthusiasts and specialists who are aware of the dangers of downloading incomplete software.

Verify that your machine satisfies the minimum system requirements before installing.

A 64-bit machine, 4 GB or more of RAM, a video adapter that supports DirectX 12 or later, WDDM 2.0 graphics drivers, TPM 2.0 cryptography, and UEFI, the new operating system and firmware interface that has replaced BIOS, are required.

You can begin enrolling in the test program and installing Windows 11 if the Windows PC Health software indicates that the computer is fit for it:

Go to the Windows Insider site;
Click the “Register” button and log in to your Microsoft account;
Then go to Computer Settings – “Update and Security” – “Windows Preliminary Evaluation Program”. Here, you need to click on the “Start” button.

Next, what? The route through which the pre-built will be distributed must be chosen. There are three on Windows:

Dev (for developers);
Beta (for users who like to test software);
Release Preview (the most stable preview builds).

You need to accept the agreement and restart your computer after choosing the Dev channel. Then, through Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update Center, you may download Windows 11. It is advisable to avoid installing the system on your work computer because it is a pre-build and might have flaws.

You should hold off on upgrading if you are not prepared to put up with potential bugs or if you lack confidence in your skills. You take full responsibility for your actions.

Tech Specs

  • OS name: Microsoft Windows 11
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • OS Bit: x32-64 bit
  • Interface language: Multilingual
  • Upgrade Methods: Windows Update Center, Microsoft Store
  • Official website:

Buyers of new devices with OS pre-installed will have access to Windows 11. We would like to remind Windows 10 users that the update will be free.

Download Links

Windows 11 Test Build 21996 has surfaced online. Although this version is not final, there have already been numerous adjustments.

Important: Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 are required to install the test build.

Although Windows 11 has an upgraded user interface that is similar to macOS, it is still only a test build, and Microsoft may make numerous changes to the OS before it is released.

This is merely a test build and not a final, stable version of Windows 11.

  • Windows 11 Test Build (ISO file) 4.53 GB
  • Build 21996 (windows-11-21996_1-x64-pre-beta)

System requirements:

  • Processor: at least 1 GHz or SoC;
  • Ram: 2 GB;
  • Hard drive space: 20 GB;
  • Video Adapter: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver;
  • Screen: 800 × 600.

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