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Google Chrome - review + free download fastest web browserGoogle’s browser has been faster than ever since its recent release. If you’re interested in learning more about Google Chrome, you’ll want to check out this review. Here, we break down the major parts of this software and provide a thorough look at the browser.

Google has put a great deal of work into its Chrome browser over the years. The result is that users have access to more of an entire eco-system than just using a simple web portal.

Some users may think Google has taken a step away from the simple, but fast, browser first released in 2008. However, if you look at the entire Google universe, then you may realize it has some interesting features.

To get the most out of your web experience, you’ll first need an account on Google. Setting this up is free and takes only a few minutes. With this option, you can open tabs and history, keep track of passwords, and keep up to date with your data no matter what machine you’re using, as long as you’re on a Google Chrome browser.

Features and Specifications

Chrome features a clean layout with a universal search and address bar at the top. The three lines on the right-hand side of the screen provide you with access to settings where you can keep track of your bookmarks, enter private browsing mode, or change other features. Look at the More Tools section where you’ll have access to the Chrome Web Store.

This option lets you view and install Google Chrome plugins, themes, and other chrome extensions. These optional add-ons are well worth checking out since they are probably the most notable aspect of your Google Chrome experience. The extensions like Pocket, Evernote, Gmail, and Ad-blockers are popular ones with users.

You may also want to look at the Chromecast extension. It allows you to mirror your screen onto a TV if you have a Chromecast HDMI stick. Look at the variety of apps available in the store, which increases productivity. Docs, Hangouts, and Drive, along with other tools, are great ones to use for professional practices.

As Chromebook becomes more popular, expect Google to continue expanding its reach with additional functionality added in the coming months and years.


The only drawback to this system is that Chrome has lost some of its speed, especially if you choose add-ons. However, if your primary goal is lightning-fast speed, you can want to go without the extensions and other features.

Most users have found that they can still achieve high browsing speeds, though while keeping the desired features and chrome extensions.

Final Verdict

With browser benchmark tests, the fastest Google Chrome Browser consistently comes in at the top of the list. Other rivals can’t compare their features and performance. It’s no wonder that it’s become the top browser around the world, and its popularity is continuing to grow!

Google continuously improves this browser and, because of the company’s work, is ranked highly with users.

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