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CCleaner review - download PC optimizer free version!Most likely, you have heard about CCleaner software. But, have you ever wondered if it is the right product for your PC? Like many other people, you always want your computer to give optimum performance. However, over time, the performance deteriorates because of unwanted files.

To rectify the problem, you need to optimize the PC using the right utility program. Is the free CCleaner for Windows 7-10 the ideal PC optimizer?

CCleaner Review

What is CCleaner?

This utility program was formerly known as Crap Cleaner and has been developed by Piriform. The PC Optimizer helps get rid of unwanted files that are created when browsing the internet, downloading data, and sharing files among other activities.

The files, which include temporary files, may affect the Windows registry. We also know that malicious programs live in these files. It may lead to slow browsing speeds, bad or errors in the registry, missing entries, and much more.

Why This Utility Program?

1. Versatile

CCleaner is convenient. It works in several ways to get rid of unwanted files that affect computer performance.

  • First, it deletes potentially unneeded or temporary files that are usually left by other programs.
  • Second, it comes with a cleaner for the registry, which identifies any errors and corrects them on time.
  • Third, it cleans or wipes the free MFT space on a drive.
  • Fourthly, it also helps in defragmenting the files.

2. Compatible

Piriform CCleaner is one of the most compatible optimizers for PCs in the market. Not only does it work with most operating systems (OS) but also with security systems and antivirus.

It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, eMule, Windows Media Player, Google Toolbar, Nero, Netscape, McAfee, Microsoft Office, Sun Java, Adobe Acrobat, Open Office Apache, Adobe Flash Player, GIMP, WinRAR, WinZip, and WinAce among others.

3. Highly Effective

Free Crap Cleaner software is highly effective in getting rid of potentially unwanted files, rectifying the registry, and defragmenting disk space. It removes cookies, browsing history, recycle bin, system cache, memory dumps, autocomplete history, logs files, file fragments, application data, and other data.

The program has received a 5-star rating frequently and has been the program-of-choice for many firms. Notable names include CNET, FileHippo, and Softpedia.

4. User-friendly & Free

Using a PC optimizing program is simple and straightforward. The program requires minimal user intervention when repairing the registry or removing unneeded files.


CCleaner for Windows 7-10 helps in uninstalling apps, finding data, managing entries for startups, wiping drives, and managing points of system restore.

And above all, it is free-of-charge. You no longer have to tolerate a computer that keeps hanging all the time. You don’t have to experience slow browsing and downloading speeds.

Also, you shouldn’t fear about corrupting your registry because of malicious software. All you need is CCleaner, the ideal PC optimizer in the market!

CCleaner Piriform (official website)

CCleaner Professional

Benefits of Premium Version

  • Faster computer,
  • More free space,
  • Fewer errors & crashes,
  • Safer browsing,
  • Quicker startup,
  • Includes: Real-time monitoring, Scheduled cleaning, Automatic updates, Premium support.


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