Smadav Antivirus

Smadav is created as a PC safeguard against viruses and can run even if there is a different antivirus on your computer. In this situation, Smadav goes about as a moment level of security. The antivirus uses low resources and has a memory of around 5 MB using a 1% CPU. The speed in your system does not slow down.

Smadav Antivirus has its particular manner in identifying and tidying up contaminations that further support security on the PC. Along these lines, a blend in the middle of Smadav and antivirus security set up on your computer will significantly further develop the assurance of your OS from malware infection.

Also, Smadav excludes the load when performing your PC use.

Smadav Review

Smadav is an Indonesian antivirus whose interest has started to increase on its ease of use and additional features. Together with your security applications, Smadav uses your Windows PC as an extra line of protection.

The antivirus program detects viruses and finds errors. It clears your system by adjusting from changes made by viruses and gives tools for cleaning OS infections.

The program is made as a moment-level defense for your computer. It works like your PC’s first-line resistance. It filters each connected compact apparatus to your PC, especially from your USB drives.

Since USB is your chief source of spreading the virus, the program detects viruses in a flash, restores its material that is contaminated too, and cleans it.

The Smadav installer is under 1MB in measurement, to a high degree, lightweight. Run this slight installer and follow up with the setup wizard. This will unquestionably lead you to use the installation procedure.

Smadav has a green-themed UI. At the top, you will see various tabs: Scanner, Protection, Update, Tools, Setup, and a great deal more. By navigating to these tabs, you can quickly look at all the program functions.

There’s a board on the left-hand side of the application’s UI. You can pick in the middle a “Quick Check’, a “Full Scan”, a “System Area Check”, and a “Deep System Check”, and choose the drives and folders for scanning.

The Smadav Free version includes various limitations: no auto-redesign, no availability to the refined settings, and you can’t hide the panel on the right-hand man’s side.

Smadav Antivirus has the power to upgrade itself without user command. The system ought to be linked to the Internet as the app uses online upgrading.

The application works for many devices, including Windows 32-bit and 64-bit installations.

Key Antivirus Features

  • A little time and exertion will go into learning how Smadav works.Smadav antivirus
  • Using low Resources.
  • Detects & Clears Viruses.
  • Automatically Updated.
  • The addition of 1040 virus records.
  • The application has a simple to explore the user interface. Meanwhile, the UI isn’t exactly what you would call beautiful.
  • Additional antivirus tools for detecting viruses and malware.Security from all externally connected devices like a USB drive.
  • Compatible with Windows.
  • There are a few different types of file cleaning.
  • A few limitations to the free version.
  • Smadav doesn’t resemble a powerful against infections.


Smadav Antivirus is used for PC protection, like other antiviruses such as Avira, AVG, and even Norton. It protects your system from devices that are linked like USB, flash, and memory card drive.

It is compatible with your antivirus application that is primary and functions as another layer of protection. This way, a program can enhance the operation of your system. Because of consuming low resources, you may use the Smadav Expert for additional features.

If you, as of now, have an antivirus on your computer, you can get Smadav. It will supply an additional level of safeguards. If you don’t have an antivirus, you can download Smadav and have a great time with the usefulness of this light utility. Smadav is suited for disconnected utilization; it’s the best fit to shield computers from dangers conveyed by USB sticks.

License: Freeware.
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
Official website –

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