VLC Media Player

Most likely, you come across a free VLC Media Player when looking for a reliable video player. Your goal is to have a resource that is versatile enough to allow you to play most, if not all, of your videos. Also, you are looking for a portable streamer that supports a variety of file formats, video codecs, streaming protocols, audio, and much more. But does VLC fit the bill?

Is the VLC Player Right For You?

A Brief look

This software is one of the most famous media players (like KMPlayer) in the market right now. Formerly, VLC or VideoLAN Client was a simple academic project student at École Centrale Paris who used that.

However, it later became an independent, multimedia, and open-source media software that is offered free of charge. Go with simple initials, VLC, and it rates VLC Media among the best multimedia frameworks.

Key Benefits


VLC Video Player is platform-independent and features several free libraries for encoding and decoding. A user is, therefore, not required to look for proprietary plugins for calibrating. The program is flexible and comes in several versions that include Microsoft Windows, GNU, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, and BeOS.


Unlike other multimedia frameworks, VLC Media Player Free can still play videos whose content is damaged, incomplete, or unfinished. It comes in handy when downloading files through programs such as Gnutella, eMule, BitTorrent, or any other. The player also plays with m2tMPEG data when being digitized or streamed from an HDV camera. This makes it possible to view content when streaming.


Users can play or download VLC Media Player from most of the Operating Systems (OS) in the market. It views and tunes into channels such as DVB-T, DVB-C, and DVB-S on most of the platforms. The media player supports DMO (Direct Media Objects) and will, therefore, work with most third-party DLLs.

Region-Free RPC-1 Player

When playing DVDs on drives featuring RPC-1 firmware, VLC ignores the DVD region. The player contains filters that change, rotate, distort, mirror, or de-interlace content. You can also add a logo, create display walls, or generate output in the form of ASCII art.

Easy installation

Free VLC can be run and installed directly from another external drive or a flash. A third-party program is not required to install or download a VLC media player. Lua scripting language can also extend the program.

  • The program will still work on a disk image even though the OS doesn’t support the .iso images. VLC also supports AVCHD format (highly compressed content) that is used in the latest HD camcorders.


Going by the above review, it is clear to see why the VLC Media Player for Windows 7-10 remains a popular choice for many people.

It is versatile and supports many formats, and it’s compatible with most OS, it’s an independent and open resource, and FileHippo VLC is also available free of charge!

VLC Media Player (official website)

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