Yandex Maps

Yandex Maps has fast and free online access to detailed maps of cities around the world. You can find all the addresses, streets; routes, and plan your trips and travels.

Key features of Yandex Maps

  • Maps of foreign countries and cities.
  • Search for nearby attractions (including cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, and gas stations).
  • Satellite images (in “Satellite” or “Hybrid” mode).
  • Panoramic view of the streets.
  • Determine your location.
  • Traffic jams and road events information.
  • Measure the distance and route on the map.

The possibilities of Yandex maps are extensive, for example, the allocation of a region, district, or city when searching for the right organization. As in Google Maps, you can view picturesque streets.

“Yandex Traffic” service is available in some cities. The level of traffic jams is collected from video cameras on the roads and is determined on a scale of 10 points. These readings are very convenient for traveling and routing to the desired destination.

You can also view real-time photos taken from surveillance cameras along motorways and interchanges.

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