Wise Care 365 v.5.28

Wise Care 365 review & free downloadOne of the most common reasons why your computer may be slowing down is the unnecessary Windows registry entries and accumulation of junk files in PC, a problem which can be avoided using a PC cleaner like Wise Care 365 Free! Its a software which enables you to delete junk files and optimize the computer performance.

Wise Care 365 Review

You may not know it but some unnecessary programs may be running in the background causing your computer to start slowly and perform poorly. Having Wisecare 365 in your computer will have the following advantages:

1. Cleaning up your PC.

The software will enable you to clean unnecessary files and clutter from your PC. As you may have realized, your computer records entries in your Windows registry and stores download files, many of which you don’t need.

These files have the effects of slowing down you PC. Wise Care Free helps you to clear all these files with just one click of a button.

2. Privacy protection.

Somebody can monitor all your online activities by checking your browsing history. Cookies could also be used to track your activities. This can compromise your privacy and lead to undesirable consequences. With this software, you will be able to delete your browsing history and block cookies that could be tracking you down.

3. Tuning up the computer.

With Wisecare 365, you can optimize computer performance. The software manages your computer startup process by unflagging the drive and disabling unnecessary programs running in the background. This enhances the speed at which the computer implements your commands.

4. Hardware and system monitoring tool.

Using the freeware, you will see all the processes that your system is running and shut down those that you don’t require. It also gives you information about hardware components in your computer.

5. User friendly interface.

Wise Care 365 Free has a simple and straightforward user interface. Once you install and open the software, you will see simple tools to enable you implement its functions with ease.


The freeware does not provide all the possible features (Pro). You have to upgrade to enjoy all its functions.


Your computer will eventually start slowing down unless you do regular cleanups to avoid cluttering of unnecessary files in your drive and windows registry.

Wise Care 365 is one of the best computer optimizer and cleaner! Whether you want to speed up your computer by deleting cookies, passwords, cache and traces or get privacy in your offline and online activities, Wise Care 365 will do it all with the click of a button.

Though some its features are not included in the free package, you will still find it very helpful.

Publisher: WiseCleaner

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