The much-expected Microsoft Windows 10 is finally here. After its release on 29 June 2015, you will download it for free if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your device.

Microsoft is giving out the Operating System free for one year after which you will have to pay to upgrade if you like it. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 looks simpler to work with, with many improvements and features that you will want to try out.

The following is a simple Windows 10 review that will hopefully remove any cobwebs from your eyes.

Benefits of Windows 10

The new Windows 10 looks like an improvement to Windows 7. It will be available for PCs, Laptops, Xbox, Smartphone and other mobile devices. The following are some advantages of Windows 10 over the previous versions.

Universal apps

With Windows 10, you will be able to access all your files through your device regardless of where the files were created.

Apps like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word will look almost identical to the desktop versions. Still, this time around, you will access them through touch, and they have also been optimized for screen size.

Refreshed Spartan Web Browser

The new Windows 10 comes with a Spartan web browser that you can use to browse the internet. Using the browser, you can annotate a webpage with a pen or finger using the Note Taking Mode before saving it to OneNote or sharing it.

You will also be able to access files, including PDFs, when offline using Reading Mode. The spartan browser will also come with an inbuilt Cortana which will try to predict and answer queries directly from the browser.

Xbox Support

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app. With the app, you will send messages to your friends and see what they are doing. You can also check out game clips and achievements.

Microsoft aims at enabling users to stream games to their PCs from Xbox One console, though this feature will not be implemented immediately.

Easy to use

The new Windows 10 has a beautiful layout, compact and easy to use, unlike Windows 8.

It has handy features that make it simple to operate, and it will run on many PCs, tablets and other mobile devices. Microsoft will also provide support for desktops, laptops and tablets.

Free for a whole year

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you will download it for free. You can use the OS for free until 29 July 2016 when you will be required to upgrade if you want to continue using it.


Unless you have Windows 7, a version of Windows 8 or any other that can be upgraded to these two, you cannot download it for free so that it will be costly.


Based on our Microsoft Windows 10 review, the OS is a significant improvement, and it comes with new features and helpful add-ons! It is easy to use, and the layout is beautiful and comfortable on the eyes.

It will be free for a whole year, and you will not be obliged to upgrade to Windows 10 after the year is over. It’s worth trying for those guys who enjoy going with the trends!