According to a recent press release from Microsoft, the Windows 10 release date is 29 July. So, what does this mean to a computer user? What are some of the changes that are expected from the operating system? And is Windows Ten expected to outperform earlier version such as Windows Vista, 7 or 8?

The public has been waiting anxiously for the Microsoft Windows 10 release date in USA. This follows a long period of waiting for the OS to be made available to the general public.

The first time the public got insights on the Windows Ten operating system was in April 2014. Later on, the company unveiled the operating system in 30th September, 2014 under the codename Threshold.

What Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date Means To People

The OS is expected to be available to the general public starting form 29th July, 2015. Nonetheless, it was available under beta testing where the public could access it through the Windows Insider program. The OS is taunted as one of the most cutting edge and comprehensive platforms ever built by Microsoft.

It seeks to consolidate different platforms into one. This makes it effective for desktop PCs, Tablets, laptops, smartphones, mobile devices, gaming devices such as Xbox and much more.

Windows 10 Review

Worthwhile Features of Windows Ten

Although people are looking forward to the Microsoft Windows 10 release date, a lot is already known about the OS. Some of the valuable features of Windows Ten comprise of the following:

  • One thing that should inspire you to wait for the Windows 10 release date USA is the integration of various Microsoft platforms and services. These include Xbox Live features, synchronized notification system, Intelligent personal assistant (Cortana), Microsoft Edge browser, and more.
  • One noticeable feature about MS Windows 10 is that its interface appears like a more improved version of Windows 8. It has greatly enhanced the mouse and keyboard features making it more user-friendly.
  • The desktop start menu looks like an improved version of Windows 7. Furthermore, it enables a user create a virtual desktop system as well as concurrently running Windows Store apps with the OS.
  • One reason that makes people anticipate for the Microsoft Windows Ten release date is the new and advanced system components and technologies. Most notable include Biometric authentication framework, DirectX 12, long-term enterprise environment support and more.

Unlike its earlier operating systems, Microsoft will allow the public to upgrade from an earlier version to new Windows 10 at zero cost!

This applies to people using Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, and others. Besides giving you a chance to acquire a highly advanced OS, you like many other users are looking forward to the Windows 10 release date because it is versatile and free.