Windows 10 Antispy O&O ShutUp10

Windows 10 Antispy O&O ShutUp10Windows 10 Antispy O&O ShutUp is a program that lets you switch off all spyware functions integrated into the Windows 10 OS. The program saves your data and ensures confidentiality.

After Windows 10 OS was released, users complained that much of their personal and private information was sent to Windows Company servers. Windows Company Management replied that such a function is only for improving Windows products. But none of us knows for sure for what reasons they use our private information.

Afterward, you could see lots of articles on the Internet on how to disable Windows 10 spying. Many developers released different software that automatically switches off the Windows function of transferring users’ data to company servers. A German Company called O&O Software also released its software called ShutUp Windows 10 Antispy.

O&O ShutUp10 Program Description

The program is elementary to use. The utility has a friendly interface in a modern style. The main program window contains several control buttons on the top and also a list of “spyware” functions with a command to disable them.

Near each module, there is an icon: green tick, yellow triangle, and red exclamation sign. A green tick means switching off a specific function will not harm OS operation. The yellow triangle warns switching off a particular service can affect OS operations. The red exclamation sign means by switching off a specific function, you can harm OS operation.

O&O ShutUp10 Utility does not delete spyware modules from Windows 10; the program disables them. So in case you dislike how the OS operates after you switch off some functions – you can switch them on again.

Technical specifications

Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: O&O Software
System: Windows All
Program size: 212 Kb

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