Windows 10 as an entire overhaul of the radical Windows 8 has left many users undecided on which way to go-Windows 10 or Windows 7? Many windows 7 users have been sceptical of the free windows 10 upgrade considering the confusing and ill-thought-out windows 8 interface.

Windows 10 or Windows 7 Comparison

If you have played it cautiously by sticking with this older operating system, it is time to change. Here is why.

1. Elaborate Start Menu

Windows 7 comes with a straightforward and well-designed interface familiar to many windows users. You can navigate to your PC easily by clicking on the start menu button in the bottom left corner.

Windows 8 replaced the start menu with a touch focused approach however it soon became clear that few users were interested in big icons, menus swiping in from left, right, up and down.

Windows 10 doesn’t make the same mistake. The start menu returns in the bottom left corner, but this time beefed up with more useful features such as file explorers, used apps, search bars and settings.

It now includes live tiles from Windows on the right side of the menu; however, they can be removed easily by right-clicking on each.

2. Enhanced Search Button

In windows 10, the search bar not only looks for files, apps and folders on your PC like in windows 7 but is also connected to your browser and windows store so it can search the web right from your desktop.

3. Universal Apps

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 10 comes with universal apps whose aim is to run smoothly across your PC, tablet, smartphone and even Xbox. With this, you only buy your app once, and it is synced on all your devices.

4. New Browser

Internet Explorer has been the default browser on windows 7 for decades. However, Windows 10 comes with a new browser called “Edge.”

After testing, Edge has proved fast and elegantly designed with highly capable features, for instance, the ability to annotate web pages and then send images to friends among many other hood enhancements.

5. Cortana

It is a virtual assistant to whom you can issue voice commands. Windows 10 comes with Cortana as a vital part of the desktop Operating system.

Clicking on the search area in the taskbar opens Cortana allowing you to ask her different questions, for instance, weather, search queries, nearest coffee shop, among many others. Cortana is not available in windows 7.


Windows 7 is still an outstanding, stable and reliable Operating system but the innovations included in Windows 10 are by far more beneficial than those available in windows 7.

If you are still mixed up between Windows 10 or Windows 7, then I believe you will find the new Windows 10 features more efficient and reliable.