When is 5G comingWhen is 5G coming? The fifth-generation is already here! But in case you still don’t understand what it is, and what you’ll use it for, remain and listen.

5G in 2019-2020

We expect the full conversion to 5G will be achieved by 2020 in most countries of the world, although in a few places, preliminary trials with 5G are already underway.

The first definitive benchmark for the whole 5G system (terminals, chips, servers, radio component, security element, applications, etc.) is expected to be available in March 2020.

2019 was the year of testing, and terminals are already on the market. The European Commission has set a goal for at least one principal city in every Member State to possess a 5G policy by 2020.


We do not know when the commercial explosion of 5G devices and software will happen.

We should remember that apart from having 5G cellular phones in stores, a completely different communication network needs to be set up that is a lot more advanced than the previous one.

Therefore, its installation is likely to be gradual. The year 2022 could be a reasonable date for the gigantic implementation of the technology.

With all the excitement before the launch of 5G, the possibility of this technology won’t be observable until 5G is wholly integrated into people’s lives. The technology market is offering a flavor of what’s coming because we’ll see the actual story in 2020 and beyond.

In 2025, with robust implementation of 5G networks on cellular, these would quickly exceed 1 Gbps reaching higher peaks, even though it wouldn’t reach its theoretical max of 10 Gbps.

As you can imagine, to provide automatic affordable data protection, the information limits on cellular tariffs will vanish by 2025, giving way to taxes with unlimited data.