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Video conferencing is often created to conduct online meetings, business discussions, online lessons, lectures, seminars, and straightforward communication.

Nowadays, this technology has become very popular, and one of the most popular tools that allow us to use it is the Zoom App.

What is Zoom Client and how to use it?

Zoom is a service for video conferencing, online meetings, webinars, and personal conversations. With Zoom download, the user can quickly communicate with a team or a person. The service supports up to 1,000 participants and 49 videos displayed on the screen.

Zoom App became even more popular after the worldwide pandemic caused schools, institutes, and companies to switch to distance learning and work.

The service developed at a desirable rate: during its two years of operation (from 2013 to 2015), Zoom attracted 40 million private users and 65 thousand organizations. At the moment, about 200 million people use this service every day.

You can use the Zoom App both on a PC and on a smartphone with the help of the official program. For example, during a video conference, Zoom will not only let you talk but also write chat messages, share files, show the screen and leave notes with the help of its built-in tools.

You can access Zoom with a Google or Facebook account or by registering. The Zoom interface has four tabs: Home, Chat, Conference, and Contacts. The user can create a new conference on the main tab, join an existing discussion with a generated identifier, schedule a meeting, and start a screen demo.

The “Chat” tab contains chats, chat history from past broadcasts, and received files. “Conferences” contains past and scheduled conferences and recordings of past broadcasts. Finally, “Contacts” includes added users with whom you can start a video or text chat.

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Conferences on Zoom Client are streamed in HD quality. During the meeting, the user can turn input devices on or off, chat with participants, transfer files, view participant profiles, and enable recording.

Key Zoom features

Screen sharing;
Webinar hosting with the ability to monetize them;
Setting a custom background without using chromakey;
Creating private and public group chats;
Integration into the conference farrowing and question-and-answer section;
Free IP telephony feature;
Collaboration rooms;
Screen sharing from a mobile device;
Working with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box;
Ability to schedule conferences and start them with help. Outlook and Gmail.

Cost, Rates & Fees

A free account allows you to create a 40-minute videoconference.

Moving on, Pro plan at $14.99 per month for unlimited conferences of all sizes with 100 participants.

There are plans with other features (business, enterprise), but they cost a lot more.

Zoom App extras

In addition to the basic features, the Zoom App has a variety of additional features. For example, this app has an interactive whiteboard that all participants can write and draw on in an online conference.

Such a feature is handy for conducting online lessons or meetings. In addition, in the Zoom application, you can:

Record ongoing video conferences.
Assign a co-organizer who will have the ability to turn on and off microphones of other participants, and not only.
Separate participants in a video conference into pairs and small groups.
Set up a virtual background. If the room isn’t tidy, you can “substitute” a white background or some landscape.
Transmit control with your mouse and keyboard.


To date, the cloud service for online video conferencing Zoom is considered one of the best. If a company or educational institution has moved to a remote mode of operation, it is difficult enough to find a more convenient service for online communications.

However, it has its disadvantages, including the limitation in the time of sessions.

Some big companies have given up downloading Zoom Client because of potential confidentiality problems. However, you can safely use this service if you do not plan to discuss or demonstrate technologies critical to national security during a video conference.

For online lessons, we deservedly regarded it as the most user-friendly, even at the free rate.

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