Do you find yourself asking questions related to “what is Windows 10? Why is it causing so much excitement in the market? Or what are the benefits of Windows 10?” If so, then you certainly are interested in getting a good operating system. A fact that can’t be denied is that the kind of Operating System (OS) you install in your computer or mobile device will influence the experience you will have.

A good OS assures you of a great time while a low-quality system leaves much to be desired. So, what is Windows 10 all about?

Windows ten is the latest operating system that will be offered by Microsoft. The OS which was codenamed Threshold was first unveiled to the media on September 30, 2014. The system which comes after Windows 8 has been under beta testing and aims at combining all the Microsoft operating systems.

These include Microsoft’s PC, Windows Embedded, Windows Phone, and Xbox. It also incorporates new products such as HoloLens and Surface Hub and allows them to operate from a common internal core.

This enables the products to share a universal Windows Store architecture as well as application technique.

What is Windows 10 Appreciated For?

Since its introduction into the market, Windows 10 has been receiving lots of attention. In fact, this is causing quite a stir in the market especially after Microsoft announced that it will be offering it for free.

Some of the benefits of this OS are as follows:


Windows 10 or Windows 7? Compared to its predecessor Windows 8 or the earlier Windows 7, Windows 10 is pretty fast.

More Reliable

In a nutshell, Windows 10 can be said to combine the strengths of both Windows 7 and 8. You should expect to see better performance as well as a more appealing interface.

Strong Built-in Security

The OS features high security that is effective in new as well as existing hardware and software. You will experience this when using it on PCs, mobile devices, gaming devices, and much more.

Assortment of Apps

Windows ten is very rich in apps, and you can view them singly or snap as many as four apps in one. You can also build several virtual desktops thereby enhancing flexibility, efficiency, and user-friendliness.


The above are some of the key advantages of Windows 10 OS which is expected to be available to the public as from July 29, 2015. Going against its tradition, Microsoft has also decided to offer the OS free of charge.

This is undoubtedly one of the key issues that is driving internet searches on what is windows 10 and other related terms up.