What is Schoology for students, teachers and parents

schoologySchoology is a learning management system – LMS – that connects all the people, content, and systems that fuel education. ‚ÄčOver 8 million pupils now use Schoology across 60,000 K-12 universities and schools globally.

Schoology resembles a teacher’s site or an expansion of the classroom online. Announcements, dates, images, newsletters, discussions, classes, videos, etc. can be on a teacher’s Schoology page. The teacher produces the content about the teacher’s Schoology pages to share with pupils and parents.

Accessibility to LMS means pupils and educators can access class material anytime and anywhere they have an online connection, such as snow and sick days. A free version of Schoology is available to all teachers to use in classrooms.

Perhaps you have ever lost a worksheet or job outline? Not an issue for pupils whose teachers post class materials on Schoology.

Users may get Schoology App directly on the internet or through the Schoology programs for iOS, Android, and Amazon gadgets.

what is schoology

‚ÄčParents can get a 9- to 12-alpha-numeric join code that’s connected to your little one. Parents can visit the official site and create an account with that combined code. Many parents may utilize the same link code to be attached to their kids.

Producing your parent’s Schoology accounts just is completed after. Your account connected to a youngster will allow you to trace your child’s classes and classes throughout their educational career.

Schoology will replace the learning management system that teachers used to access the nation’s professional development opportunities. All districts will finally have access to Schoology.

Schoology users may take to the online gradebook to offer rapid and continuing student comments.

Teachers and students can find the maximum from Schoology with these attributes:

  • Recording and viewing video projects,
  • Incorporating third-party programs,
  • Construction standard-aligned evaluations,
  • Utilizing the online gradebook to provide quick and continuing student comments.

If you can not wait to use Schoology, see it online to register for the free variant for accessibility to Schoology’s most sufficient attributes!

Official website of Schoology

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