uTorrentDownloading extensive files from the Internet can be a prolonged process if you don’t have the right program like uTorrent on your PC. uTorrent enables you to get large files into your computer in the shortest time possible, using a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol known as Bit Torrent.
The uTorrent works how a browser (like Firefox or Chrome) enables you to access files from the Internet through the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Here is the protocol for Bit Torrent. People usually talk about torrents when referring to files downloaded through this protocol.

Download uTorrent on your computer and you will use most of the BitTorrent functions:

  • Scheduling,
  • Bandwidth prioritization,
  • Mainline DHT,
  • and automatically download RSS.

In addition, uTorrent uses the support of peers and the exchange of encryption protocols.

uTorrent Review

The first thing that you need to understand about Utorrent is that it has been designed by professional computer experts who understand how your computer operates. This means that when you use the software, the information that your computer is sending out to the internet is encrypted and safe from hackers.

To make this system work, Utorrent has added a unique feature to allow people to download movies in different formats without downloading the entire movie in one shot. The program will allow you to download a portion of a video that you want, but it won’t let you get the entire thing.

Another significant feature of Utorrent is that it will allow you to download all kinds of music files without paying for each file individually. The software also allows you to search for a specific song or artist you are looking for.

When using Utorrent, you also notice that there are many features on the toolbar. There are options for playing video games, watching videos, and much more.

In the current review, we conclude the uTorrent does what it claims to do. It makes it easy for people to download movies without having to pay for every video they download.

You can try it out and see if the program is going to work for you. It will save a lot of time.

User interface

uTorrent’s feel and look correspond to BitTorrent’s, which should surprise no one who keeps up with the torrent scene.

Developer upgraded the main BitTorrent client to match uTorrent’s aesthetic after BitTorrent gained the uTorrent customer in 2006. Like BitTorrent and Deluge, the uTorrent customer is visually shabby and bare-bones (especially when compared to Vuze’s fairly attractive user interface, which was made to stand out). Still, you can download toolbar skins that include some punches – a feature not useful to BitTorrent individuals.

After introducing uTorrent, you’re welcomed with a user interface that’s split into two areas:

  • a massive central section that has a search box for combing the Internet for files,
  • and a sidebar with parts that allow you to search torrents’ downloaded and installed statuses (Completed, Energetic, and Inactive).

You can additionally sign up for gushing RSS feeds and check out the App Workshop (much more on that later).

Clicking on any of those classifications (save for App Workshop) allows you to open up a gush from your hard disk, add one from a link, or even develop one through a toolbar at the top of the application window. It’s easy to use.

Getting and also Handling content

BitTorrent innovation functions by allowing the computer system to collect small bits and items of the intended data from other readily available BitTorrent individuals. This unique process makes downloading and installing large documents much faster than various other peer-to-peer methods that connect one PC to another lone PC.

Throughout that time, icons — Pause, Stop and Get rid of — in the leading toolbar, when grayed out, became available for usage. At the bottom of the user interface are tabs that allow you to see the connection rate, the variety of peers, and any other metrics.

Right-clicking a file allows you to upload, download and install rate restrictions, remove the gush from the program, delete it from your disk drive, and get any other options for managing files. We particularly like uTorrent’s capability to classify content with keywords, which offers you fast accessibility to groups and genres.


Utorrent WebBitTorrent’s Application Workshop includes 13 free apps to gain extra content without hunting the Web. The Raptr application, as an example, allows you to download some free-to-play COMPUTER video games. Torrent Tweet adds social networking by theoretically enabling you to use Twitter from within the BitTorrent customer.

There is an application that installs antivirus software that BitDefender powers. On the whole, we located it as a penalty, though shocking addition. Yet directly, we’d rather socially network through proper social networking applications. uTorrent does not have remote management attributes discovered in Deluge and Vuze.

Key Advantages

High speed

There are many clients that you can use to download movies and other torrents. uTorrent is one of the fastest software programs that you can use to download extensive files onto your computer. This feature is helpful when you want to get movie torrents in the shortest time possible.

It’s a tiny program with many features.

The program is small and has low CPU/memory usage.

Here, you will not even notice that your computer is running uTorrent, because it spends about 6 MB, and in that case, if the program contains a standby mode – it’s just 1MB!

It has a fantastic configuration with giant features and can be made portable.

Detailed download

This software gives you complete control when downloading. It even asks you where you want to save the files you are downloading and comes with download/upload limit sliders, which offer a great way to conserve bandwidth or energy.

Easy to use

Unlike many other torrent clients, uTorrent is an easy-to-use program and does not consume many system resources. What you need to do is to download and install the program file on your PC.

When you open the software, you get all the tools you require starting downloading extensive files with no limits.

You can easily use the uTorrent search engine to search and download movies, games, music, or any other content you want.

Localization and easy setup

You can configure uTorrent for yourself. Change toolbar icons and status icons. Additionally, uTorrent has support for localization for different locales. You can switch between languages automatically!

If a language is not available to you at the moment, you can download it and install the program; then, transfers will become even more accessible and better.

User support

This software comes with excellent user support, especially for older hardware and Windows versions. You can get help when you encounter any problems while using the program.


BitTorrent bought the uTorrent app, and the most recent version has more ads than it used to have in the older version.

Resume: Should You Use uTorrent?

If you want to download and install essential documents swiftly, uTorrent (and its sibling BitTorrent) is a superb choice.

If you’re looking to get massive data without waiting hours for it to download and install on your computer after that, uTorrent peer-to-peer is the application for you.

UTorrent features and capabilities are constantly growing! The developers of this program are applying more and more to uTorrent to become an even more convenient tool for users worldwide.

A lot of work is done, and each new version of the program is guaranteed not to contain faults and errors.

Designed to quicken the download process by taking pieces and items of information from many sources, this utility could verify it to be an invaluable tool — yet you need a client to fetch documents.

Although the most recent version of the uTorrent client comes with more aggressive promotional ads, it remains the best way to download and share extensive files over the Internet!

It’s a small file that will take up very tiny memory space on your computer but will save you a lot of time. You should have this freeware, especially if you enjoy downloading movies, games, music, or sharing files.

Download Links

The developer intended the uTorrent Web to search for torrents and play them directly in the Internet browser. It is currently the speediest, most straightforward, and most user-friendly way to get torrents.

Download for Mac
Download for Linux
Download for Android

File Size: 2.72MB (2,849,376 bytes)

Requirements: Windows (All Versions) / Mac / Linux / Android

Language: en-US

Author: BitTorrent

Home Page: https://www.bittorrent.com

Program Page: https://www.utorrent.com

MD5 Hash: 101A6C76251E2C7AD553C55C61D26DDD

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