Throne Kingdom at War

Throne Kingdom at War is a classic browser strategy where you need to build a city and develop it. Fight off the raids of neighbors and look for comrades and allies. Incredible buildings, original quests, and unforgettable adventures – all this awaits you in the gameplay. You can become a full king and form a vast state, collect tribute from other lords and settlements.

“Throne Kingdom at War” Review

The interface of the game will be easy, even for a child. It is simple and not twisted; the guys who are friends with logic will understand everything right away.

All vital buttons are in one place, with multitasking problems will not arise. Only the mouse will be used, and the keyboard will be auxiliary.

You rule a kingdom that is unprofitable and is at the stage of devastation. And guess your task from the first seconds. That’s right. You need to raise the kingdom from its knees.

The first assignments will introduce the basics of the game, how to extract this or that wealth, resources and keep the kingdom afloat. How to build buildings and units, how to train them, and improve the buildings themselves.

Next, we master the key aspects of attack and defense, how to subjugate neighbors with minimal losses, and find resources. After such an excursion, it allows you to float freely, do what you want and be happy.

But after such an informative and convenient school, you can begin restoring the kingdom. Don’t miss the training!

Throne: Kingdom at War looks and sounds great. The lively city looks beautiful around, every nook and cranny can be seen in the smallest detail; it combines the background music with the events.

The sound of the city is very similar to reality. It works everything out to the smallest detail; it is just pleasant to listen to.


Throne: Kingdom at War turned out to be what you needed. Not tightened, not far-fetched. Everything is laconic and placed in its place. Lovers of strategic development and raising the economy of the kingdom – we recommend this game!

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