TeamViewer is a perfectly free solution to remote PC access because it establishes a remote connection between two or more computers. This software has more remote access features than you would expect! These features allow one to manipulate and contact a non-local computer and other useful reports for technical support and options that allow many computers to communicate for web conferencing and demos.

This program is the best free remote desktop software today. Compared to other remote access connection programs that allow more automatic logging, this one takes a different approach. It assigns the host PC a password and number with which it can change the password, but the number is static, therefore, not possible to change it.

The number assigned to you should be supplied to the one accessing your computer and possibly make yourself a note. It is easy because once you connect a PC, you can save it in the contact list to access it with ease later.

Benefits of TeamViewer for PC

It allows users to switch sides, therefore determining who is in control of the other. If you are cooperating with the other user and they need control over your computer, then by clicking a button, they gain control over your computer, allowing them to manipulate your programs. With another click, you have control over them again.

Optimized performance

The free TeamViewer optimizes speed and displays quality, depending on the network connection you are using. It offers the best performance from LAN (Local Area Network) to internet connections on your mobile device.

Fast return on investment

The inexpensive license fees pay off quickly because of the cost and time saved. For private users, the program is free.

Free host installation

Host installations are free for those with licenses. TeamViewer sessions require that only one party be licensed since this allows one to serve an unlimited number of clients using a single license.

Lifetime license

Once you purchase a license at a one-time purchase price, you will not have any limits on the use or recurring billing. All updates are within the main version of the program.

High-security standards

TeamViewer for Windows is highly secure, and it establishes all connections through fully encrypted channels of data, which use 256-bit AES session encryption and 2048-bit RSA chief exchange, therefore, enhancing the security even further.

All-In-One solution

The single software package offers a wide range of products, which include spontaneous support, remote maintenance, access to any unattended computers, online meetings, home office, presentations, teamwork, and training sessions.

Smooth operation

When using Teamviewer software, you do not have to worry about blocked ports, firewalls, or NAT routing because it gets a connection to the remote computer.

The Drawback

  • The sound function of the program is not always efficient. Sometimes it does not work appropriately.


In conclusion, in case you have been wondering how to control a PC remotely, FileHippo TeamViewer is the way to go!

Its interface is user-friendly, therefore easy to apply anytime. You can also use free TeamViewer Software on mobile devices, which makes it even easier to access your remote computer anytime and from anywhere. This makes it more flexible than other similar programs.

Publisher: TeamViewer GmbH

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