Tablet Screen Repair

tablet screen repairToday, almost every family has such a multimedia gadget as a tablet. Children and adults buy it for games, entertainment, and even work. But this wonderful device has one unpleasant feature – it is quite fragile.

And its large screen is especially vulnerable. Since the tablet is a mobile device, it experiences vibrations, shakes, effects in public transport, on the street, in shopping malls, and in other crowded places.

If you leave your tablet on a chair or couch, there is a risk that someone will sit on it. The delicate microchips inside often suffer from falls on the floor or, in case of a liquid spill on the tablet, if you or your household members accidentally spill juice, tea, etc., on it.

There are many ways of breakage, but the most common is a glass screen problem. Cracked glass on the tablet – what to do and how to replace it at home? Let’s look into it.

Screen problems causes

How to replace or repair the glass on the phone? The situation is quite common – the device is thin and light, and therefore it is fragile. It is easier to damage the tablet screen in a variety of ways. Let’s list the most common situations in which this happens:

  • Dropping. This is the most common option. You did not have time to get used to the device size and weight and let it out of your hands. Your family and friends can do the same; let’s add pets here as well.
  • Pressure. It is also a fairly common cause of problems with the screen. There are many ways – you can sit on the tablet, the screen can be broken, pushing into a tightly packed bag or backpack when going somewhere, it can suffer in a crowded bus full of people, etc.
  • Incorrect usage. The crack may appear from a sharp temperature drop; for example, you’ve brought the tablet from a snowy street into a very warm room. Here, not only can the screen be damaged, the electronic components are sensitive to temperature drops. Here we also include the screens, broken in a collision with heavy objects – hardly a fall on the screen dumbbell can be called his correct operation.

Important: This is not the entire list of reasons your device’s display may crack or break. Nevertheless, these are the most frequent cases of tablet glass breakage if you trust the reports of service to fix your phone screen

Is it worthwhile to repair the device yourself?

How to remove the crack on the cell phone screen? If you are not technically skilled enough and have a broken tablet screen, what should you do? Please bring it to the service center! Especially if the device is still under warranty. If you try to repair it by force, you will lose the right to warranty repair.

Of course, a broken display is rarely recognized as a warranty case, but at least you will have insurance in case of other failures. The procedure for replacing a new display differs even within the same brand range. In addition, the process is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

However, if you risk repairing a broken phone screen on your own, you can expect such major pitfalls:

  • Lack of experience in repairing this class of devices. The replacement process is quite complicated.
  • Availability of spare parts. Especially if your device is not the most popular on the market, and you are not in a major city.

Display Characteristics

So, can you fix the tablet if the screen is cracked? To begin with, let’s understand what the tablet screen (display) is and what it comprises.

The display is a component that receives a signal to display visual information, so it cannot be self-contained. At the same time, it can work on its own; we can connect it to various other devices.

Although, in some multimedia devices, the screen is made as a monoblock. For most other portable devices, it is completely collapsible. The key components are:

  • Protective glass or plastic.
  • The touch panel (touch screen).
  • Matrix, as well as the backlight panel.

Screen Diagnostics

First, you need to understand which of the above components is broken:

  • The simplest option is a cracked phone screen, which is also the cheapest.
  • Matrix problems are the most expensive variant. You can order the required component on many web resources, and there are no difficulties even with the matrix and sensors.

Important: You can order not only identical matrices for Chinese tablets. As a rule, they are all universal and differ only in the mounting method. You need to re-glue the rubber seals, as well as consider the placement of the loop connectors.

When only the glass is broken, the touch usually works. Often people continue to use such a tablet until it is completely out of service. When the glass is intact, but the sensor doesn’t work, things are a bit worse. Let’s say you dropped your gadget or something fell on it. Do not necessarily assume the sensor is broken. Disassemble the tablet and check if the flat cable is pulled out.

Essential! It would be best to replace the matrix only when it is partially or completely out of order. But manufacturers typically sell screens in a full set. We recommend visiting service centers or searching on popular websites for a single component you need to save money.

how to fix a cracked screen on a tablet

Troubleshooting – How to fix your phone/tablet screen

We’ve dealt with the diagnosis; now, let’s talk about how to fix the tablet’s screen.

Screen protector and tapes

If you can’t repair the damaged display glass immediately, there are some ways you can use your tablet. In other words, if only the glass is broken, the screen is still showing, and the sensor is intact, the following method will come in handy:

  • Wipe dust and dirt off the screen as much as possible.
  • Place an adequate piece of packing tape over the touchscreen and cut off the excess around the tablet. This will allow you to operate your tablet with a broken screen further, slowing the cracking and falling out of the glass pieces.

Important: You can also purchase a screen protector to fix the cracked screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or glass; they’re both great for keeping your tablet in its current state. The selection criteria will be the same as for a phone.

Repairing tablet screens your way

This isn’t easy but doable. Online, there are many interactive tutorials and materials on how to replace the display and its components by yourself. To do this, you need to follow the instructions strictly. Find on the Internet how to disassemble your device. You can do it intuitively; there is nothing complicated about it.

Significant: Some devices have their nuances and tricks, so please be careful.

You will need the following to disassembly and repair:

  • To open the tablet – a plectrum, a plastic card, or any thin, bendable plastic object.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Tweezers.
  • A new screen.
  • Tech hairdryer.
  • A stationery knife.
  • A piece of soft cloth to wipe the device.

Replacing the tablet display begins with removing the cover and disconnecting the cable; it contains all the information about the part to be replaced.

Next, proceed with this order:

  • If there are bolts on the edges of the tablet, unscrew them.
  • With a plastic card, we take out the case and pass along the entire perimeter of the device, after which we will remove the cover.
  • Write the marking and all the data from the removed part, which will allow you to buy a new component for replacement.

To fix the screen, you need to dismount it and install the new components.

We do this as follows:

  • Heat the device’s body with a hairdryer to remove the cracked glass.
  • Use a knife to pry the edge of the glass while heating it with a hairdryer, edging around the screen, peeling off the display.
  • Carefully remove the broken screen and make sure that small pieces do not remain on the matrix surface. Use a cloth or tissue to do this.
  • After removing the broken part, take a new screen and remove all protective films from it.
  • Try it on the frame and glue the new display onto it.

Important: Carefully check the evenness of the fit because it is unlikely you will be able to re-attach it.

  • After gluing, carefully smooth the glass with a cloth. After that, you will only have to assemble the tablet.

Now you know how to fix a cracked screen on a tablet or if its screen is broken. This will allow you to save your money and time on the cost of using the help of the repair center, which is often immoderately expensive.

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