SpeedyFox – Speed Up your Firefox Browser

SpeedyFoxMozilla Firefox is by far the most feature-rich and fastest browser on the market, but it slows down. It will take an outstanding deal of time to load during startup, the rate will probably be affected, and Internet surfing will probably be slow.

This is quite a common problem, and it happens because of the fragmentation of databases.

SpeedyFox is a brand new little utility that fixes this issue! It appears incredible, but you’ll find a new feel as the rate gets quicker once you maximize your Firefox with this tool. You can get up to three times speedier startup speed history will end up, and surgeries with cookies will probably be faster than before.

How does SpeedyFox function?

Firefox (and occasionally its add-ons) uses SQLITE databases to save a lot of its settings. That’s where the increase of the database and Firefox begins working. Losing no information, SpeedFox compacts these databases. Databases are diminished in proportion and are optimized to function.

Key Characteristics

  • Boost Startups up to 3 times,
  • Speed up browsing history,
  • Overall quicker operation.


Downloads for Windows: SpeedyFox | 673 KB (Freeware)
Downloads for Mac OS X | 822 KB
Source: SpeedyFox Website

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