Why is my Chromebook so slow?

Why is my Chromebook so slowIf you have recently purchased a new laptop and are wondering why my laptop is so slow, then this article can be of great use to you as I will reveal to you some reasons behind why your laptop might be extremely slow to run.

The reason your computer won’t boot up is because of a couple of different issues that affect the internal components of the computer. First, the BIOS settings on your computer are not being correctly set.

It is the first thing your computer needs to run in order for it to work correctly, but sometimes the BIOS setting is damaged or corrupted and will not allow it to function correctly. This will cause the computer to stop at a certain point in the boot process and will also affect how the computer boots up.

To fix this issue, you need to find a working BIOS fix that will fix the errors that are causing this to happen.

Another reason your laptop might be so slow to boot is that your computer has been infected with viruses and spyware that have been programmed to monitor your internet usage.

This means if you are browsing the internet constantly or are using internet applications such as internet banking, then your laptop could use up all the resources available on the hard drive by running too many programs in the background.

To fix this issue, you need to download a piece of software that will scan through your hard drive and delete any of the harmful files that are in there. This software is called a “malware remover” and you can download it from the internet and install it onto your computer.

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