Sketchpad App for Mac

Sketchpad for MacIs there a MacOS version of Sketchpad? Yes. Sketchpad now features native support for Macs.

Check which version of Sketchpad you have by looking at the title window during an application startup or choosing “About Sketchpad…” in the Apple or Help menu. You can upgrade it to the newest version for those who have an older version of Sketchpad 4.

Sketchpad App Review

Sketchpad is a graphic design software from, allowing users to draw, doodle, and sketch. It offers a wide choice of drawing tools exhibited in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Whether you’re working on a collage poster or brainstorming a comic book character, this multimedia program can help bring your ideas to life.

Program Interface

The first thing you’ll enjoy about Sketchpad App for Mac is its easy interface. It’s a large workspace, so you will have lots of space to draw your thoughts. Furthermore, it features a comprehensive user guide that will help you get familiar with the app’s tools and other characteristics.

Users can always view the user manual whenever they want to click the question mark icon in the window bottom-left corner. There is also a settings option, where users can change the theme of the entire app and disable the autosave and change the language.

Key Tools

With Sketchpad, you can easily create several artworks. Whether you wish to make something from scratch or create a fast photo edit, this program has the tools you require.

For one, there are 18 brushes that you can use to draw about anything. It is possible to make mild strokes with mirrors, tiles, crayons, and even calligraphy.

The program has hundreds of high-quality stamps for more detailed drawings. If you would like to create comprehensive line art, Sketchpad has lines and course tools that you can use. Sketchpad also lets you use over 5000 cliparts.

The program offers high-quality vector images, all open-sourced to use for commercial and professional artwork. You can even add your vector and raster images by dropping them into the interface.

Finally, as with every design tool, Sketchpad allows users to add text to their workspace. Not only that but also, it provides you access to Google’s font library.

Sketchpad permits you to save your work in your document’s folder. Moreover, it allows you to decide on the image file you want. It enables you to autosave by default, so you will never lose a file.

The app works offline and even has a web app version, which allows you to make art anywhere with an internet connection.


Sketchpad software for Mac is an excellent tool to have if you want to get started with drawing and graphic design. It’s a straightforward app that offers an extensive set of tools.

However, drawing can be a bit of a challenge as not that easy to draw using a mouse. Professional designers may also see the absence of advanced drawing tools, which are usually found in popular applications like Adobe Illustrator and Pixelmator.

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Sketchpad version 4.07 or later is recommended for working on macOS X for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintoshes. This version is the first Universal Binary Sketchpad that provides native execution for both platforms. Sketchpad supports 14 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean.

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