Showbox APK: The Ultimate Free Movies and TV Shows Streaming Solution

Showbox Apk

Why is the Showbox App so popular? Showbox is a video-streaming platform. It boasts intense organizational capacity, advanced filters, and decent-quality videos.

Aside from that, it lets you download the videos directly! Yeah, that makes it unique. What other programs out there provide you with “lawful” film and series downloads? Is that, too, at no cost?

The user interface is simple. You may use Showbox to stream movies and download them, even if you’ve never operated an Android device before.

Not only can you stream and download, but you can also use Showbox to filter watched pictures and movies by genre, release dates, and other criteria. In summary, it is the best video streaming and download program out there on the market.

Is Showbox Worth It?

If you are a movie fanatic, if you love watching magnificent films in excellent quality and downloading them to watch them offline, then I would say yes, the Showbox is worth everything for you.

After all, it is free. It is offering you a fully packaged entertainment package for $0.00! It’s not a pop-up or mail collection form, only a few clicks, and you are getting the Showbox APK for Android, iOS, or Windows.

What else could you possibly imagine learning more about? Yeah, that was it, people; I would love it if you left your questions and testimonials down in the comment boxes.

It’s effortless to capture your favorite movies for our creations. You shouldn’t download complicated software or pay gross sums of money to subscribe to a service that will only entertain you whenever you’re online.

Though these are the mainstream methods of watching movies today, I prefer the program Showbox Movies Online, which I access only on the internet, downloading nothing to my smartphone.

I went to an online Android emulator (I prefer Manymo), downloaded the ShowBox APK file, and uploaded it to the emulator. I am free to watch free Showbox movies online. If I wanted, I could also download some to my PC to watch with no emulator!

Features of the ShowBox App

Showbox App

This is a program that has endured the test of time. In contrast, almost all of its competitors have faded and come out if they have faced bans.

The program also allows you to watch free movies, TV shows, and high-resolution videos, not lousy CAM prints.

It plays subtitles, enables you to download movies commonly or via a torrent, and even gets you the latest gossip from the entertainment industry.

We can even use the program to throw movies on TV, and it is easier than on any other platform! It is a travesty that this app has not taken over the web already!

No Subscription Required

Other video apps and sites want to entice you into purchasing their monthly or annual plans, limiting the number of screens you can watch simultaneously. Showbox is the big daddy of them all. The app is for video content lovers, and we understand the thrill of enjoying streaming for free.

Showbox videos and content will remain free forever, with no payments or purchases required.

HD Video

We believe in prints that are HD and have a 10/10 audiovisual quality. Anything less than that does not pass our QA team. So, before you proceed with the Showbox app download on Android, all the videos will be HD and you will make the right choice.

View on Any Device

As portable as a smartphone and as high-end as a smart TV in your home or office. Showbox works on the mobile principle of taking the app with you wherever you require it. When you travel, you can watch it, stream something useful at home, or watch the news live in the office. Being connected and enjoying what you love is our priority.

Friendly UI

The usefulness of Showbox is its ease of use. The team of designers and developers had this in mind while developing this app: from kids to grandparents, everyone should be able to use it with just a single touch.

The Latest Movies & TV Shows

There is a vast team that curates new and upcoming movies and TV shows. This is all you can see on the software homepage. Just tap on the ones you want to download or stream.

Download and Instant Streaming

If you watch a video repeatedly, you can download it using the ShowBox APK. Otherwise, you can stream movies and HD videos 24 hours a day.

Regular Updates & Bug Fixes

Showbox ranks above all top-notch movie streaming apps because of its daily version updates and vulnerability checks. Developers bring you the latest videos in the comfort of your own home.

Showbox for Other Devices

  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPad
  • Tablet

How do I get Showbox for my iPhone, iPad, or iOS device?

So, as soon as you’ve downloaded the program on your Android apparatus, you may get greedy and may want to learn how to find the app for your iPhone and other iOS apparatus, right?

Again, the Showbox program for iOS is not available on the internet or in the Apple Store! But then also, the app for iOS or iPhone offers you the same features as the Android apparatus.

It allows you to stream and watch films and series at no cost. It merely becomes the ideal entertainment powerhouse for your iOS apparatus, with superior screen resolution and picture pixels.

Here is an incremental guide to install and download Showbox for iPhone and iOS devices:

You need another application to run MovieBox on iOS.

Download the Vshare program from its official site. Go for an unjailbroken edition.

Once the program is installed, search for Moviebox.

Now you can install MovieBox and enjoy free movies!showbox interface

How to Download and Install Showbox APK on Android

Once you have successfully downloaded the APK file, it is now time to usher you into the new world of free video streaming and download. Follow these steps and you are ready:

  1. Open your device settings. [Go into your Android phone’s settings and look for the Security Option]
  2. Under the Security option, locate Unknown Sources— It will be turned off by default, but you have to toggle or turn it on.
  3. You must now locate the ShowBox APK file you downloaded.
  4. Tap on the APK file. You can install it immediately.
  5. Open the app and update it if it prompts for an update.

How to Download Showbox for Windows PCs?

Yup, if Showbox for Android and iOS is available, how do you not have it on your Windows PC?

This is a video-streaming provider, legal and free, so the video quality will be high-definition, no doubt there.

Why waste such quality and support on a small Android or iOS device when you can get it on your big Windows monitors? Watching films and series from this picture app will provide you with real pleasure when the display is large enough.

You’ll need a third-party program called Android Emulator to set it up and run it on a Windows PC.

BlueStacks is the ideal Android emulator on the market. This will create a virtual environment of Android on your Windows PC. Thus, the program never knows that it is not on another OS and runs flawlessly.

Furthermore, in case you were wondering, you are not breaking any laws by using Playstore.

Showbox Android

Here are the step-by-step directions to get the Showbox APK for Windows 7/8/10!

Download BlueStacks.

If you have both the files: Install the BlueStacks emulator on your Windows PC.

Once it is installed, a new window will open up. Plus, it will look like a new Android device. Minimize it.

Now double-click on the app icon to Showbox APK Download.

It will automatically integrate itself with BlueStacks and start running.

Done! So, here’s the summary of how to download ShowBox on the computer.

Download BlueStacks, then download Showbox APK and double-click on the file.

Yes, it is pretty much about how to have the Showbox program for Windows 7/8/10 PC!

 Download Showbox PRO

Tech Specifications:

  • Name: Showbox
  • URL:
  • Size: 25 MB (v.12), 37 MB (v.5.34)
  • Version: 12.1
  • Android 4.4 and above required
  • OS: Android
  • App Category: Multimedia
  • Developer: Showbox, Inc.
  • Works: Yes!

Showbox Online

I’ve seen many men and women struggle to install the program on their Android smartphones, and it is not the best price because the program weighs 40 MB. So, I prefer to get it online through an online emulator.

To get ShowBox Online, go to an Android Emulator that works online, like Manymo. I upload the ShowBox APK file to it, rather than installing it on my Android and then launching it to enjoy the beautiful films and TV shows I have missed out on.

Showbox for iOS

What’s New in Showbox Update?

Improved interface while choosing servers, favorite players, and subtitles. It has buttons for downloading and streaming. Here are the top things we consider when we think of this app.

1) Servers.

  • There are no server errors.
  • All critical bugs have been fixed.
  • Quick to respond.

2) Subtitles.

Previously, we needed to log in to a website to get subtitles. Now, that’s not required. The app itself shows the languages in which you need the subtitles.

3) Movie Downloading.

Right below the “Watch Now” option, you’ll see the “Download” button. In between these two, you can see “Also you can download this movie from Torrents”. If you’ve got a network connection from an Internet Service Provider, then downloading from torrents may trouble you.

People complain that they’re getting email alerts from their ISPS. This won’t cause any problems for you, but it’s better to watch them right there.

If you don’t fall into the above category, then there’s no need to worry. You can use that option without hesitation.

4) Stream to television.

In earlier variants, it frustrated people that movies were in parts. Now, you can see them on television without that issue.

5) Content revisions.

You’ll see almost all the trailers in a field called “Trailers”. You can get to see the programs and films that were released months ago. One can expect nothing within just one month. So, it will take some time.

Showbox PC


Many were waiting for such an application to view and download popular foreign series on their smartphone, Android, or PC. Now, this is possible!

Showbox for Android is the best video streaming app for users who want to watch free movies and TV shows. You must tell your friend to download Showbox APK as you will get access to unlimited free movie downloads, TV shows, and a lot more media collections.

For those who would like to watch movies on their Android device without any obstacles, the Showbox app is the best option. This software does not charge its users for anything.

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