Windows 10 is out on the market for grabs. So if you are already using a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows OS, you will be intimated by Microsoft to download and update your computer with the latest Windows 10. This operating system comes with some amazing and user-friendly features, and it fixes most of the bug issues.

This future-ready operating system will enable you to be more comfortable with internet browsing and protecting your vital data. Microsoft has paid security for this version of Window’s significant attention.

How do you reserve Windows 10 for your computer?

So if you wish to reserve Windows 10, here are some simple steps that you might find helpful.

Usually, users of Windows 7 and 8.1 will get a notification on their system tray for the upgrade. If you have still not received any notification then:

  • Press Windows key+C > Settings > Change PC Settings.
  • Click on the update and Recovery on your left pane and then click on the Install button to update your computer first. This will work for Windows 8.
  • For Windows 7, you can click the start button and go to Update and select Windows Update.
  • After your Windows version has installed all the updates you got for reserving Windows 10.
  • Now press the Windows key on the system tray and click on the option Reserve your free upgrade.
  • After that, all you would need to do is provide your email ID, where you will receive the confirmation of your copy.
  • The system tray will send you a notification saying you have reserved your upgrade.
  • After a day or two, you will be sent with the upgrade button which will let you upgrade your PC with Windows 10.


With newly added features and an internet friendly system, Windows 10 is yet to be explored fully. The software is robust and can handle security issues with the latest technical solutions.

Reserve Windows 10 to get the best of this Microsoft product today!