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Opera Web BrowserThe Opera Software Company continues to delight fans with the popular browser, making it faster, more secure, and more comfortable. The Opera Browser is written in C++ language, and its first release was in December 1996. Now Opera Internet Browser supports many web standards and is translated into many languages.

If you ask yourself what the Opera browser for Windows is, then you look for a reliable and fast web browser. With life revolving around the internet, you desire to have a web browser that is secure and also affordable.

With so many browsers in the market, why choose Opera? What makes it the right fit? The answer lies in the following benefits.

What Unique Features Make Opera’s Internet Browser Standout?

Speed Dial

When browsing, users want to have a user-friendly screen. They also desire to customize it quickly and to their tastes. Speed dial is one of the remarkable features of the Opera web browser.

It enables a user to adjust the zoom level and several page columns. This feature also makes it easier to customize the background. Besides improving the appearance, it also brings out a unique appeal.

Tab Placement and Arrangements

A common observation is that most web browsers don’t give a user the option of arranging and placing tabs. They have to stick with what came with the browser. However, this is not the case with the Opera browser.

Users can arrange the tabs in several ways. Choosing vertical or horizontal arrangements is as easy as going to the title bar, right-clicking it, and selecting the desired style.

Tab stacking

Stacking tabs are among the coolest features of the Opera browser for Windows 7-10. This option allows you to have many tabs open and stacked in one place. Stacking tabs come with some benefits.

This includes better navigation, space-saving, easy page viewing, and a better user experience. It improves synergy, especially on websites that require several tabs to be opened. A good example is Reddit.

Opera Turbo

Image quality is always a big issue when browsing the web. At one point, the picture is crystal clear while in another instance, it may be hazy. Such changes in resolution degrade the browsing experience.

The opera browser eliminates such distortions. It enables a user to choose the quality he feels is suitable for the website. It’s achieved by right-clicking on the picture or image, then reloading the image to meet the desired specifications.


We can’t deny the fact that we spend lots of time on the internet. Maybe it is buying a product from a shopping site, or communicating with someone. You also browse the internet when searching for information.

It guarantees you the best and most stress-free experience only if you use the right browser. With a new Opera browser, you have access to fast speeds, top security features, an assortment of options, and a user-friendly interface!

Technical specifications

Publisher: Opera Software

Language: English
Status: Freeware
System: Windows
Program size: 42.0 Mb

Opera Functionality:

  • Extended functionality of gestures works.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Support for additional extensions (modules).
  • Tab grouping.
  • New address bar with resource security screening.
  • Integrated Client “Opera Mail”.

Opera Updates:

  • Energy Economic Mode.
  • Improved Download Manager.
  • Use your own image in the title.
Download a recent version of the popular Opera Web Browser developed by Opera Software. According to the Opera Web Browser, it optimizes all operations for instant execution. With a low-speed connection, you can speed up web browsing using the Opera Turbo Function. The company eliminated several errors in the new browser’s English version.

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