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Open Office Org - review + free download OpenOffice Writer!Through the OpenOffice project, a free office suite has been developed, and the team continues to come up with improvements to make office work less tiring and more efficient than ever before.

The efficiency of software used at the workplace can affect the productivity of employees, which is the reason Open Office has continued to develop software anyone can use freely through their Project.

What is an Open Office?

OpenOffice is a free complete office suite for Windows 7-10 that includes an Open Office Writer (word document), a spreadsheet (Calc), a drawing application referred to as Draw, a formula editor (Math), and database management software called Base.

This software is compatible with Microsoft Office, so opening documents from MS Suite is not a problem. However, Open Office comes with some superior features.

Key Advantages

1. Open Office Templates

Creating standard documents like agendas, minutes, faxes, and letters is made so much easier by the Writer Wizards. You can download ready-made templates from their repository or create your own.

2. Use of more languages

Open Office Writer can handle different languages and still apply the AutoCorrect dictionary to check spellings and identify mistakes.

3. AutoComplete and other superior features

Typing is made so much easier because the Writer gives suggestions to common phrases and words, increasing your typing speed significantly. Other nice features include a multi-page display, text frames & linking, among others.

4. Data Pilot

With Open Office Calc, you get the Data Pilot, which is a technologically advanced feature that allows you to draw raw data from large databases and analyze it to come up with meaningful information.

5. Natural language Formulas

With Calc, you can use original word formulas like “sales-costs,” which makes your work easier.

6. Scenario manager

The scenario manager allows conditional analysis (“what if…”) with just a click. It enables you to do more complex analyses using the spreadsheet. Other positive features include the ability to work out optimization problems, intelligent sum buttons, wizard guides to advanced spreadsheet features, and multiple user support.

All the other components of the suite (Math, Draw & Base) come with superior features that you may also want to check out.


The program supports ODF as its primary document, while the DOC is the most commonly used format. Though the DOC files can be opened, they are not the primary medium here.


OpenOffice 4 for Windows 7-10 comes with many superior features that will make your work more comfortable and more efficient. Over 130 million people have already downloaded the suite around the world!

That it’s free makes Open Office a facility that you should try out.

Apache OpenOffice (official website)

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