Nperf Internet Speed Test

Nperf is a service designed to check the speed of the Internet. Enthusiasts developed it from the telecommunications sector in Lyon, France. The testing time takes only a few seconds.

The following data will be displayed in the test results:

  • information about the location of your IP;
  • the results of the internet speed;
  • Internet provider;
  • connection type;
  • IPv4;
  • Ipv6;
  • ASN;
  • operating system;
  • the web browser from which the testing is performed.

The user compares their Internet speed with the speed of other Internet providers in your area. To do this, click on “Compare”.

If you want to share the test results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, click on “Share”.

NPerf tests

NPerf offers three tests:

  • Internet speed test – the user can measure the speed based on the downloaded data.
  • Delay measurement test – this test allows you to measure the time in a small packet of data, reaching after that the server and returning to the terminal. It performs the analysis ten times.
  • Testing in TCP/HTTP modes – TCP mode allows you to install sockets without using a browser. It makes TCP more efficient. Working in TCP mode requires access to remote services at TCP ports 8081 and 8080.

If testing in TCP mode is not possible, it uses HTTP mode. Here, requests are sent through a web browser. This mode functions perfectly at speed, not exceeding 100 MB/s.

The information was obtained during the tests, Nperf uses to generate statistical maps. If this data is transferred to third parties commercially, it becomes anonymous (in this case it uses IP hiding).

Publisher: Nperf

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