WiFi Connections Manager NetBalancer

WiFi Connections Manager NetBalancerWiFi Connections Manager NetBalancer is a free program that lets you assign different Internet connection speeds among applications you are using. The program provides flexible settings.

With Windows 8-10, your PC looks more and more like a tablet. Some applications are running with Metro-interface (in standard and background modes). All applications with Metro-interface from time to time need an Internet connection for updates.

Usually, we have one Internet connection for all purposes, and it is not comfortable to surf the Internet when all applications are being updated. You can download NetBalancer and experience no inconveniences while using the Internet.

NetBalancer Wi-Fi Connections Manager Description

This small utility contains lots of functions. The interface looks similar to the Windows Task Manager. In the main window, you can see a table with all processes, incoming and outgoing Internet loading speed, download limitation, several connections, and other information about the process. At the bottom, you can see a scale that tests incoming and outgoing traffic and detailed information about the process.

In this table, in the “Priority” column, you can change network priority for the process – low, high, and standard – those are parameters you can choose for the loading process. Also, you can limit the speed of loading manually for each operation individually.

The program has flexible settings so you can set up rules of limitation. In Settings, you will see the network adapter, process name, IP-address, and connection protocol. You can set a period of settings for validation (it can be a weekday, a specific day of the month, a particular month of the year).

NetBalance is probably the best manager of Internetwork nowadays. You can download this program for free from our website, try it, and leave your comments.

Technical specifications

Language: English
Status: Freeware
System: Windows All
Program size: 6.5 MB

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