mIRC chatmIRC – a fully-featured IRC client that was designed specifically for the operating system Windows. With mIRC, you can chat with friends, share bright emotions, chat with colleagues and share your valuable information or just play games with other people connected to the IRC network.

Download mIRC and you will be able to have conferences and private conversations face to face.

Thanks to a very well designed user interface, the software is very easy to use, and so it is worth noting that it contains features such as:

  • SSL encryption,
  • file transfer,
  • your contact list,
  • setting up a multi-server connection,
  • proxy support,
  • sound and voice,
  • UTF-8 display,
  • registration and notification messages that come directly to the tray,
  • as well as more and more!

Download mIRC for free, because this program is very easy to use. This is achieved by a powerful scripting language, through which you can create a variety of applications that perform a very wide range of different functions.

In the end, we should note that the development of the program mIRC has been ongoing for over a decade and is constantly updated with new technology and continues to improve.

File Size: 2.61MB (2,733,472 bytes)

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Language: en-US

Author: mIRC Co Ltd

Home Page: https://www.mirc.com

MD5 Hash: 63D0DE682291D8C456273124ABF89EB0

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