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Minecraft Pocket Edition

The game Minecraft Pocket Edition is a construction sandbox in which you are free to do your business as you want. This is a life simulator where you play a giant role as a world builder!

Create your reality out of various materials, all of which have only one thing in common – the shape of a block.

Your success will only depend on your imagination and a bit of straightness, on your hands.

All that’s left is to freely download Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) at the links below and give free rein to your fantasies.

Minecraft PE Review

minecraft pe apk

Minecraft Pocket Edition dazzles with its unique retro style. There are similar apps like Block Story and Survivalcraft. Passing through the game will not cause any unique difficulties; simplicity and casualness characterize the gameplay.

Minecraft is a game where graphics do not play a significant role; gameplay is paramount. This game opens up many opportunities and amazing discoveries for the player.

All you have to do is to build your virtual world thanks to unique blocks. But to complete the task, you will need to apply all your ability to think logically and use the available tools.

Cubes of various configurations will help you build castles, bridges, palaces, and other industrial objects. Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK for Android and enjoy the rustle of footsteps and different unusual sounds.

During the game, you need to mine resources and look for animals to get food. For example, to catch a cow and provide yourself with milk. From the first cook dinner, the second set the stage for the production of light armor.

Make a luxurious bed from the sheep, which will be very helpful for taking a rest after a busy day. A virtual joystick controls the game.

Gameplay Features

Here you are, we can say, the best “sandbox” of all time. As it should be, you can create your world as soon as you start the game. Several game modes are presented, including “survival” and “creativity”.

In the first case, fight for your existence,

and in a second, you will realize all your creative abilities.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition also allows players to play with other players across the network.


Pixel graphics are precisely what makes the legendary “sandbox” stand out from the rest. This style has already had time to borrow from many other developers, but Minecraft will forever remain the pioneer. All around you, your character, will comprise many squares.

Initially, it is complicated to get used to, but then it is even impossible to imagine that it could be otherwise. The game is perfectly optimized, and therefore it is easy to enjoy the pixel graphics even on the weakest mobile devices running Android.

It is also worth noting the sound accompaniment. The soundtrack is top-notch, and so is almost everything else. Jumps, kicks, and other things – it all sounds as if it is happening in real life.minecraft mod apk

Game Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros of Minecraft PE

  • Whether you’re traveling by bus or sitting in the comfort of your home, Minecraft: Pocket Edition gives you quick access to one of the world’s most popular video games in the palm of your hand.
  • For gaming, Minecraft PE, and the other various platforms from Minecraft are the same. For example, players can take part in survival, creative, and multiplayer modes.
  • The advantages of the Pocket Edition include stricter parental controls and invitation-only multiplayer, which makes the mobile version more kid-friendly.
  • All a player has to do to play their game is pull out their mobile device by hitting the icon specifically for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and they’re in.

Minecraft PE disadvantages

  • The Pocket Edition differs from the original version in several ways. However, Minecraft: PE offers built-in purchases of exclusive skins and resources. You can’t integrate third-party mods, and you can’t connect to third-party servers.
  • When the new Minecraft features come out, the Pocket Edition will be the last to be updated.
  • A potential negative for many is that the Pocket Edition of Minecraft doesn’t fully catch up with the PC version of the game. Mojang has only added content to the Pocket Edition platform to compensate for this.
  • When you’re used to playing Minecraft on PC, playing the Pocket Edition can confuse players.
  • Command blocks, various aspects of Redstone, and other things have not yet been added or made completely bug-free, which can cause a bit of a problem with those used for the same features in the PC version of the game.

How to Install Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft game free downloadThe Pocket Edition version of Minecraft appeared in 2011, first on devices using Android and then on other operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Currently, the mobile version of the game receives regular updates and improvements.

The developers are trying to bring the Pocket Edition closer to the standard version of Minecraft used on consoles and personal computers. Fortunately, the active development of portable technology makes it possible to update the graphics and increase the number of game items.

Key Steps

To install Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we recommend using modern-generation phones and tablets. Owners of outdated equipment can use a simplified version of the game, but in this case, you will have to give up the open world and some detailed textures. The gaming world expands with each new update, adding new biomes, items, and entire story locations.

A device running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher is considered a minimum requirement to install the Pocket Edition.

You’ll also need about 72 MB for Android 6.0 and 12.5 MB of RAM for the base version of the game.

It takes between 100 MB and 1 GB of space to save the game world. It is worth noting that the updated game files for iOS and Windows require more RAM.

For multiplayer mode, you will also need a stable internet connection.

You can install the game from the official app store. Here, pay for the purchase and update in the background.

If you choose to get Minecraft APK through our or other specialized sites, install the application manually.

First, you need to free download Minecraft PE APK file. It can be a primary or updated game version for the Android operating system. Next, the phone opens the possibility of installing applications from third-party sources (through the main settings menu).

You need to transfer the installation file to your phone or flash drive.

Thereafter, you only have to run the APK. The only drawback of this method is the impossibility of automatic updating. Each new version will have to be installed either manually or through special applications to change the file system.


If you’re looking for a great game when you’re bored or when you want a distraction, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is an excellent gift for yourself or someone else.

If you enjoy Minecraft on PC and other platforms, you will probably enjoy the Pocket Edition of the game just as much or even more.

Download Minecraft PE

Game Specs

App Name: Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Genre: Arcade, Survival
Publisher: Mojang
OS Version: Android 4 and up
Size: 104 MB
MOD Info: License/Immortality/All Unlocked

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