Maxthon Cloud Browser 5.1.2

Maxthon Cloud Browser free downloadHave you heard or tried Maxthon Cloud Browser? If not, you probably should be thinking about it. Like many other people, your desire is to experience fast browsing speeds, good interface, no unnecessary ads, non-interference with system performance, and minimal RAM usage. But does this web browser meet such expectations?


Maxthon Cloud Browser Review

Originally known as MyIE2, Maxthon has been in the market for a while and is quite popular. The freeware web browser is developed by Maxthon Ltd, a company based in China. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X.

There is a mobile version that is suitable for Android, Windows Phone, and other mobile platforms. Version 4 is the latest release and supports two rendering engines: WebKit and Trident.

Why Go For Maxthon?

  • Cloud Browsing

Cloud browsing is one area that makes this browser standout from the rest. The latest version supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and more. In addition, it still works with devices that are using other browsers that include Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla or any other.

This allows you share bookmarks, pages, and links across the devices by using the Cloud Push feature.

  • Two Built-in Rendering Engines

How many web browsers have you heard use two rendering engines? Well, Maxthon does. It comes with both Trident and WebKit rendering engines. This ensures that no website will be incompatible with the browser, and that even the ancient sites can be viewed.

Maxthon Cloud Browser allows you access several engines simultaneously and presents the search results side-by-side. Switching between the two engines is as simple as a click.

  • User-friendly

It takes a very short time to download Maxthon browser and doesn’t require any add-ons. Besides coming with YouTube downloader and screenshot taker as standard, the browser comes fully loaded with many other icons.

This gives you instant access to many features and saves you the trouble of downloading apps or purchasing add-ons. The interface is also simple yet very effective.

  • Built-in Ad Blocker

You probably get frustrated when ads keep popping up every moment. In fact, you probably have purchased a third-party ad blocker.

Maxthon Cloud Browser saves you the pain of bearing the intrusive ads or purchasing a third-party program thanks to its built-in ad blocker. It only displays genuine ads in a manner similar to blogs.

  • High Speed and Performance

Being a dual-engine browser, Maxthon delivers impressive speeds. The ability to switch between one rendering engines to another also optimizes system performance. Despite its high speed and good performance, the browser uses minimal RAM.


There you go- some of the few advantages you are missing out on by not using this web browser. It is cloud-friendly, has built-in ad blocking capabilities, features two rendering engines, comes in a user-friendly interface, and it is fast.

Oh- before I forget, Maxthon Cloud Browser is available for free!

Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Now!Free Download Maxthon Portable

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