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ManyCamWith ManyCam, you can use your webcam with lots of exciting applications. Download ManyCam, and use it with programs such as Ustream, Skype, and MSN. This will help AVM new perspective on communication and use a virtual audio driver.

ManyCam Review

You can draw directly from the video window.

To do this, ManyCam built special software. With this, you can edit the image and add text right on time broadcast video. Sometimes, it will be beneficial. You can use this with programs such as Skype. To do this, you need to use a simple configuration and add an app to the video source.

Use your desktop as a benefit for video tutorials.

You can make a video of everything that happens on your desktop (the process of) and then save the record to your computer’s hard drive. Just use the use of the services of a live Justin.Tv, Ustream, or Skype. Also, use ManyCam to capture videos from YouTube and much, much more!

manycam interface

The “picture in picture”

Use ManyCam, and you will have a function of “Picture in Picture” or «PNP». So you can both see the interlocutor and show him the actions that take place on your desktop. As well, this feature is also useful for video demonstrations and much, much more! With ManyCam, your computer will become the right multimedia center.

With ManyCam, you can also add different effects to your audio broadcast when using a microphone.

The program embodied many of the technologies. For example, Voice Changer: with it, you can disguise your voice and lay on top of a screencast recording. This will help you to not only play with your friends but also to remain incognito.

Also, with ManyCam free download, you can significantly improve the quality of your microphone and sound. It will be much better than using a simple audio driver.

Together with ManyCam, you can switch between the unique sources of the video signal.

To do this, you will need ManyCam Studio Pro. With this function to switch between the videos, the source is fast and convenient. For example, you can switch directly between the six sources and use the various features and effects.

To add another camera, you will need to use the drop-down menu. Just do still images, pre-recorded videos, photos, desktop screencasts, and more! Together with ManyCam, you can turn your computer into a professional studio!

Besides all the above, you can create your effects for your camera!

Add to its surprising video effects: effects of face, mouth, hair, and so forth. Once you discover this fantastic feature, you can share its results with your new friends in the ManyCam community.

File Size: 77.20MB (80,949,056 bytes)

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Languages: Multiple languages

Author: ManyCam

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