Is CCleaner good for Windows 8-10?

The most annoying thing for a regular PC user is the slow speed of his/her computer. Well, it is a usual problem that almost every PC has once in its service. The reason behind it may be viruses, malware, freeware, spyware, etc., but the most harmful thing for the processing speed of a computer is overloaded and unnecessary registries.

The good news for all those sufferers of slow computers is that there is software in the market named CCleaner that will help you solve this problem. Another good thing about this software is the fact that it is free from some software websites; an internet user has to go through one of these websites, and he can download CCleaner to his computer.

Is CCleaner good?

CCleaner is one of the most necessary applications for your computers. This app removes all unnecessary data, histories, and entries automatically. It is also helpful in deleting false entries from the registry of a system. CCleaner cleans the necessary records daily and also advises on updates regarding harmful listings and repeated data.

Just a click can clean all repeated, dangerous, false, and needless entries through this software. Internet surfers must use this application, as it is useful for cleaning useless history, cookies, and cache from the browser.

Well, there is another option of cleaning useless and overloaded entries in the registry of a system that is manual registry cleaning. However, this is perilous because if you delete any of the critical system program files, it may harm your computer severely.

The chances are very high of losing some essential system files, as some experts in registry cleaning sometimes get it wrong. Then you have the only option, i.e., to reboot your entire system. This is a significant reason people prefer CCleaner to manual registry cleaning.

Usually, we install some software and apps on our computer, and when we don’t need those apps, we uninstall them. The primary harm that this uninstalled software causes to our network is slow processing speed, for those files and folders, which remain left in the main drive of the system. Browse the internet for a few days without cleaning unnecessary entries of the computer’s registry; you will see the difference in the processing speed of your computer. Eventually, it decreases.

CCleaner removes all these worthless and wastage entries that a system gets on uninstalling programs and internet surfing. As a good aftereffect, you will get a moderate speed of your computer. It is as essential as any other utility software for a PC, such as a browser or an antivirus.

CCleaner has been serving its excellent services to its users around the globe for more than a decade. The developers of this app have launched several versions of it. The latest version has many new features with some traditional specifications of CCleaner. Get it for your PC and enjoy working on a standardized and optimized system.

Key Features

  • CCleaner optimizes the system of your computer for better performance.
  • It cleans the computer for any unused files, which helps Windows to perform faster.
  • It also cleans the hard disk, giving more free disk space that was used pointlessly before.
  • Not only that, but it cleans the entire internet history of your actions, which helps to hide the traces you are doing online.
  • CCleaner provides a full registry cleaner.
  • The program is fast, modern, and useful.
  • It has no adware or spyware, and it is free to download.

CCleaner cleans everything below as marked:

Mozilla Firefox – Temporary files, history, cookies, super also, download history, form history.

Internet Explorer – Temporary files, history, cookies, and super ones, autocomplete history, index.dat.

Google Chrome – Temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, download history, and forms.

Safari – Temporary files, history, super cookies, cookies, personal information of forms.

Opera – Just the same as the Safari above.

Other Browsers – SeaMonkey, Netscape Navigator, Phoenix, Rockmelt, and more.

Windows – Error reports, Clipboard, Logs, Temporary, Recycle Bin, Unused files and documents, Memory dumps, Jumps, DNS, and Cache.

Registry Cleaner Tool – Removes unused files, shortcuts, and entries, also the old ones. Cleans memory for any unwanted or corrupt behavior files, uninstalls, shared DLLs, fonts, invalid shortcuts, and so on.

Third-party software – Removes temporary files and unwanted apps like toolbars.

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