HandyCache Free Proxy-Server

HandyCache Free Proxy-ServerHandyCache is a free proxy server for your computer that lets you make your received data from the Internet cacheable. That’s how you can economize an enormous quantity of internet traffic and increase the webpage’s loading speed.

If you have some problems with the Internet and loading takes much time, you can download the free proxy-server HandyCache that increases the speed of your work on the Internet.

HandyCache Program Description

The utility installs proxy-servers on your computer, so all internet connections go through the proxy server. A proxy server is cacheable, so it records all files and other data downloaded from the Internet in the cache. The next time you open a web page or any additional data, you will load it from the cache, not from the Internet, which will significantly increase loading speed if you face some Internet interruptions.

Internet browsers also use cache, but they only make certain file types cacheable, while others are loaded every time you update the page. HandyCache lets you cache all file types with HTTP protocol.

All installed browsers can use the cache of HandyCache Utility on your computer. This means that when you change your browser, a page will also be loaded from the cache.

Your computer keeps cacheable files as encoded, so you have to be sure that the PC has some spare space for the operation of a specific program.

Technical specifications

Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Murancev A.
System: Windows All
Program size: 3.8 Mb

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