Google TV Review

Google TVGoogle has established a brand new Chromecast device running Google TV. Simply put, Google TV basically combines several popular streaming services: Netflix, Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video, into a compact UI. This makes it effortless to find and locate the content you’re interested in. Google TV is a material aggregation program.

What is Google TV and did it replace Android TV?

Google TV is a brand new interface for Android TV, powered by Google’s machine learning, Google Assistant, and the Google Knowledge Graph. It’s not a replacement for Android TV. Plus, Google TV is not an operating system. Consider it as a tool constructed together with Android TV, designed to make it easier for you to get the content you desire. Gone are the days of looking for a cluttered home display to discover streaming support.

To be clear, Google TV is an application layer interface, operating together with Android TV, Google’s full-fledged functioning platform for set-top boxes, streaming devices, and intelligent TVs. It is sleeker and is supposed to maximize the current Android TV encounter. Therefore, it is more intuitive and tv interface

How does Google TV work?

Google analyzed the various ways people find media, whether looking for a name to navigate aimlessly, therefore it enhanced the Knowledge Graph and uses machine learning on how to comprehend media issues and genres improved. You will observe tags outlined on Google Search, or you may use Google Assistant to summon something up.

Google Assistant is the Middle of all Google TVs. Consumers can seek specific recommendations through voice. You are able to ask the Assistant to “find action movies” or “show me sci-fi adventure TV shows,” across popular streaming programs like Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube.

Google TV supports Live TV providers, too, beginning with YouTube TV in the USA. You might even add shows and movies you find into a Watchlist.

What devices operate Google TV?

Google TV started first on a brand new Chromecast using the service. The company has confirmed that additional Android TV apparatus and TVs will be updated to Google TV beginning in 2021. Presently, the sole TVs expected to find the upgrade are Sony Android TVs. We know little else about which versions.

Google TV can also be live for Android mobile users in the United States. The Google Play Movies and TV app was updated on 30 September 2020, and it has been rebranded as a Google TV program. It allows you to browse for items to watch, purchase or lease films and TV shows, and handle your Watchlist.


Considering that Google TV is developed along with Android TV, the new UI can be used with over 6500 entertainment programs on the Play Store. The entire notion behind Google TV would be to replace cable TV and deliver the hottest streaming programs and Live TV to one interface.

This very much matches up with Apple’s strategy of obscuring the lines between streaming apps and setting up one consistent interface across devices and screens of different sizes. You will find whatever you have previously purchased to continue using Google Play Movies & TV from the Library part of this Google TV program.

In a month or two, Google TV ought to be more widespread and prepared to take on Apple TV – that will give us another method of quantifying both technology giants from each other.

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