Google Dataset Search

Google’s dataset search is a new search engine that was launched by Google to help scholars find the data they may need. This tool can access much information based on datasets in various fields on the internet. GDS is ideal for data journalists, scientists, and anyone who needs data in their place of work.

How the dataset works

The idea of which dataset search works is straightforward, according to Google. You only need to open a GDS and enter your search work. By doing this, Google Dataset Search can give you the results of the dataset published and the one who published it or the source.

The standards are the ones that organize this published dataset. Some multiple languages support the dataset, and Google promised they are working hard to add more languages to the tool.

Google’s dataset search can be the perfect option for more, especially when you have data on topics that you may not understand about them, but require them.

If you know of the topic, it will help you identify the one which you may not need at the moment.

What you need to know is that the recent Google dataset has not given the users the option of searching data on various parameters; this will come as they upgrade the search engine.

Major Benefits

It enables one to find datasets on many topics ranging from social sciences, environmental, among others, and also from various government data and those from private organizations.

This information can be used by whoever, who is curious and wants to know the idea behind specific issues.

The dataset markup enables the publishers to explain their data in the best way that Google and other people who may need the information can well understand. It helps Google understand well the content is in their work.

It is also essential in finding references on given data on various disciplines provided by the government, private organization news, and social sciences, among others.

The publishers’ content varieties can be increased by Google if they are using the new schema markup. This means that Google encourages them to use the markup so that many dataset searchers can be able to locate their work.


Google Dataset Search is one of the best features for those who are searching for data. If you need data relating to any organization – do not hesitate, just use it.

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