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Are you looking for a better PDF viewing experience? If you are, then you should consider a free Foxit Reader! You are probably asking why this pdf viewer? What makes it better than the popular Adobe Reader or any other? The answer lies in the following benefits.

Reasons to make Foxit Reader your preferred PDF viewer software

User-Friendly Interface

The layout influences the pdf experience you will have. A good interface guarantees you an easy and stress-free experience. That’s one reason why Foxit outscored the competition. The pdf viewer software comes with a super clean ribbon interface. It also doesn’t look cluttered, thus making it easier to view PDF files.

Easy to Customize

With the interface, users had limited options, if any. However, this has since changed thanks to Foxit Reader. Users can easily customize the PDF files and layout. The software comes with multiple tabs giving a user many options.

Accessing different features such as page thumbnails, bookmarks, comments, page layers, file attachments, digital signatures, annotations, and security settings can be done at the click of a button.


There are many pdf viewer software in the market. But Foxit stands out as one of the most versatile. It comes with a wide range of options that significantly improve the PDF experience.

The tool allows a user to view, create, edit, print, digitally sign documents, and much more. All these activities are done in a straightforward process.

Collaboration and Sharing

One of the key features of Foxit Reader is collaboration & Sharing. It comes with many useful features that make collaboration easy and convenient. Sharing of files can easily be done by clicking on a tab. The Share tab has been integrated into the Evernote feature to improve sharing and collaboration further.

Improved Security

The days of accidentally sending information or PDF files over the internet are long gone. Foxit security is programmed to send PDF files after approval by the user.

The Safe Reading Mode feature warns the user in case the PDF file attempts to make a call externally. It dramatically reduces the risk of sending sensitive information to the wrong party.


Foxit Reader knocks off the competition because of its fast speed. The recent version is much quicker than the previous one. The increased speed and functionality are attributed to some factors. These include better collaboration & sharing, customizable buttons, built-in security, and more.

Bottom Line

The above summarizes what makes the PDF reader from Foxit accessible. It is fast, responsive, user-friendly, free, versatile, allows sharing and collaboration, comes with many features, and much more.

If you are looking for the ideal pdf viewer, then you should make a free Foxit Reader your preferred choice!

Foxit Reader (official website)

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