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Mozilla Firefox has become one of the most popular browsers in the world! One of its most important ideals is privacy and the open web. Mozilla, the charitable organization behind the software, continues to make improvements and adjustments to keep the browser up to speed with the changing times. Now and then, you get extra features added to Firefox for a better user experience.

Firefox Review

Firefox is a veteran competitor to IE that fended off a Microsoft internet browser cartel for years until Chrome appeared to “assist.” Firefox is fast and trustworthy and helps many users prevent malware strikes when plagued by IE.

Mozilla Firefox gives you many possibilities! It makes browsing the web not only more convenient and fast, but also safer. Besides, you can adjust the viewing sites to your liking.

We find Firefox the most intuitive of all internet browsers for bookmarking and changing possibilities. The latest version also uses a substantial selection of attachments, including among the ideal video recording downloaders.

Top 10 Browser Advantages

Fast Browsing

The latest version of Firefox is one of the fastest browsers that you can use to surf the Internet!

The few seconds you save every time you access a webpage can amount to a lot of time eventually. High speeds enable you to perform more tasks in a short time.

Trusted software

Mozilla is one of the most trusted browsers! This is because it comes with superior features that make it difficult for hackers to compromise your privacy and security when using it. You can use it to log in securely to your sensitive online accounts.

Enhanced password security

Passwords saved in Firefox, unlike Chrome, are encrypted, and you can secure them all with a master password. This functionality does not transfer your password to a cloud storage unit unless you want to use Mozilla Firefox as a local code storage space.

Firefox’s add-ons and extensions

Firefox browser

The browser has many add-ons, extensions, and themes that you will find useful in your online activities. Among the most valuable add-ons is one of the best video downloaders, named DownloadHelper.

Recently, they have added a feature that you can use to make video calls from anywhere, with no downloads or installations.

Mozilla is trying to make its attachments safer by presenting certifications. Programmers have to stick to a collection of criteria if these experts want to provide their additions. This standardization should minimize harm.

Memory usage is reduced

Firefox’s web browser uses up to 510 MB of computer memory, which is one of the lowest that you can expect. Only the super-thrifty Safari has used less memory.


Mozilla Firefox themes offer great customization features that you can use to make your browser look just the way you want. You can choose many pieces depending on your preferences and the activities you want to do online.

Easy navigation

Chrome bunches its settings into one web page, along with small fonts and an inconsistent mix of buttons, links, and checkboxes. By comparison, Firefox’s settings are easily grouped and sub-categorized, along with tabs and a left-hand pane. If you want a more detailed description of what a setup performs, click on the question mark trap on the lower right of the choice web page.

Smoother scrolling

You can scroll Firefox page by using a mouse wheel, arrow keys, or Up/Page Down buttons. The page moves at a consistent speed, so you can see how far you’ve scrolled. It’s not as slick as the scroll in Net Explorer 11 or even Microsoft Side. However, this is much better compared to Chrome’s jumpy procedure.

Mozilla Help Center

The program has a help center where you can get information on just about anything that concerns the browser and how to use it.

For instance, using the help center, you can reset Firefox and speed it up if it is slowing down. The help center offers a step-by-step procedure to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Significant Support

With Mozilla Firefox support, you can report questions and get instant help in identifying the cause of the problem. Furthermore, you are provided with measures to avoid such issues from occurring.


Firefox slows down slightly when you install so many add-ons. You will need to reset it to speed it up if you allow the add-ons to install automatically.

Underwhelming add-ons finding: contrasting Mozilla’s add-on website with Google’s, Google supplies more relevant search results and more visual supplements showing how the add-on looks and how it performs.

Accelerate Firefox with SpeedyFox

Mozilla Firefox is the most feature-rich and fastest browser on the market, but it can slow down occasionally. It will take an outstanding amount of time to load during startup, and the rate will probably be affected. Internet surfing will likely be slow.

This is quite a common issue, and it happens because of the fragmentation of databases.


SpeedyFox is a brand-new little utility that fixes this issue! It seems incredible, but you’ll find a fresh feeling as the rate gets quicker once you maximize your Firefox with this tool. You can get up to three times the startup speed, and surgeries with cookies will probably be faster than before.

How does SpeedyFox function? Firefox (and, occasionally, its add-ons) uses SQLite databases to save a lot of its settings. That’s where the increase in databases begins to work. SpeedFox compacts these databases without losing any information. Databases are diminished in proportion and are optimized to function.

Key Characteristics

  • Boost startups up to three times,
  • Speed up browsing history,
  • Overall quicker operation.

Speedy fox Installers

Downloads for Windows: SpeedyFox | 673 KB (Freeware)
Downloads for Mac OS X | 822 KB
Source: SpeedyFox Website


Firefox is a powerful browser. There are a vast number of add-ons you can use to extend the functionality of Firefox.

There is a tabbed interface, spell checking, “live bookmarks”, a download manager, and a search engine in the browser.

Overall, free Firefox scores are high in speed, security, and usability. That Mozilla is always actively coming up with new improvements improves the browser every time.

Download the Firefox browser, and you’ll get the following enhancements:

User Experience: a new Intelligent Address Bar will make it easier to use the Internet.

High performance: Built on one of the most powerful platforms, Gecko, Firefox is much quicker, and it is much easier to use than other similar programs.

Safety in use: Firefox will protect your computer from malicious software, as well as from viruses, phishing, spyware, worms, and so that you can safely use the Internet.

Intuitive user settings: you can always customize Firefox and display web pages just the way you like.

Download Links

Mozilla BrowserMozilla Firefox is officially released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Furthermore, unofficial versions of FreeBSD, BeOS, and many other Unix-like operating systems are available. Mozilla Firefox code is open and distributed under a triple license: GPL/LGPL/MPL.

If you are using another program, you can download and install the Firefox browser for Windows and compare its performance with your current browser. It’s free, and you might love the new experience!

Technical specifications

Status: Freeware

File Size: 34.70 MB (36,390,136 bytes)

Requirements (OS): Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10/Android/iOS/MAC

Language: en-US

Author: Mozilla Organization

Home Page:

Program Page:

MD5 Hash: 87810E6BF5CE090A1877634F6EEE6F5D

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