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Popular communicative applications offer built-in functions for file transfer but impose serious restrictions on their size. If you’ve had to send large files, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes it can be quite a challenge.

Mozilla software engineers have been working on a solution for several months to fix this problem. They call the new tool “Firefox Send” and it is already available to all users.

The functionality is available on the company’s official website and will allow you to send files of up to 2.5 gigabytes in size free from a web browser.

  • All transfers are encrypted and processed using Firefox Send, after which you get a unique link.
  • This link can be shared with your friends, colleagues, and other relatives.
  • Mozilla also provided the ability to enter a time limit, after which the link to the files will no longer be active for the recipient.

The purpose of Firefox Send is to be the fastest and easiest tool to send files that are otherwise difficult to address using popular communication applications.

The leading advantage of Firefox Send is also the emphasis on security. The only condition for working with this feature is to register on the Mozilla website and then start a free file transfer via the link.

Firefox Send is also compatible with other popular browsers.

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