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DoNotPayJoshua Broder, the creator of the DoNotPay Robot Lawyer, has launched an updated version of the program to help people with minor legal matters.

The project has allowed contesting hundreds of thousands of parking fines worth £7 million during its existence. After the update, DoNotPay will conduct other operations in 1,000 different legal branches.

Chatbot DoNotPay became famous in 2016 after handling 250,000 cases in its first 21 months of existence, including 160,000 disputes. So far, the service has already managed 375,000 fines worth £7.7 million.

Key Donotpay App Features

The project was launched by Stanford University student Joshua Broder. Initially, the Do Not Pay App processed only parking fines, but then the service helped people threatened with eviction or dispossession. The robot lawyer also began solving issues related to compensation for delayed flights, trains, and insolvency insurance.

According to Business Insider, the updated version of the bot will work in the United Kingdom and the United States. The service will help resolve maternity leave issues, dispute a purchase made by a plaintiff’s credit card fraudsters, and even sue companies that are annoying with promotional calls.

DoNotPay App is based on the Artificial Intelligence of the IBM Watson supercomputer. The program collects data about each case by dialoguing with the user. Based on the information, the chatbot generates a complaint letter and helps to plan the next steps.

So far, the program cannot conduct the trial. Its functionality is limited to working with documents – filling out PDF forms, composing letters and requests. The robot works with slight affairs, but if you go to a lawyer, solving even the smallest dispute or drafting a document can cost a lot of money.

“I launched DoNotPay two years ago when I started dealing with my parking tickets and discovered how lawyers were profiting from human failures,” Broder told Business Insider magazine.

The service’s creator hopes that the robot lawyer will give people the same opportunities as the wealthy top of society. Broder previously noted that parking tickets aim at the most vulnerable people in the community, which municipal governments use as income sources.

Broder also hopes the robot lawyer will help prevent tragedies. In late June, a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in London, where 80 people were killed or missing. The program will prevent landlords from violating safety procedures in rental housing. The chatbot can demand that a household’s gas pipe be repaired on time while considering all the legal intricacies.

Artificial Intelligence is already helping lawyers with their deals and reducing the time they spend on routine work. So JPMorgan Bank launched an algorithm that saves employees $360,000, and Melbourne-based law firm Doogue O’Brien George launched an online consultation service with a robot lawyer.

Do Not Pay App

DoNotPay Mail Service

DoNotPay, which now has over 75,000 subscribers, has a new service launching in the U.S. and Britain. Machine Learning Mail is a unique function from DoNotPay that helps consumers stand up for their rights. The service sorts user correspondence, cancels subscriptions, deals with spammer companies, sues, gets tax breaks and fines for overdue parcels.

Users will get a special email address (such as that handles business correspondence with companies – courier services, streaming platforms, communication service providers, and so on. The robot lawyer then offers options ranging from unsubscribing to applying for a refund, VentureBeat writes.

Users can set up automatic correspondence to their new address or list it on websites as a contact email. It’s also possible to send emails there manually.

DoNotPay is mostly rule-based, but some elements use machine learning techniques, such as natural language processing. This allows the chatbot to detect unwanted terms in the user agreement, which the chatbot highlights and forwards to the user. The service also uses machine learning to separate emails by type.

“We used data over five years to build a machine learning model that automatically categorizes emails,” Browder said. – “It works with any type of email, and the program automatically figures out how to save time or money with that email.”

If someone sends a message to the spam garbage can, the robot checks itself to see lawsuits against that sender. If so, the user can join in and demand compensation.

Other DoNotPay Email features include:

  • The ability to identify bills or bank fees you can dispute.
  • One-click fines for overdue packages or defective goods.
  • Automatic bill classification for tax deductions.

The DoNotPay email service costs $3 per month as part of the platform’s standard subscription.

The Eigen Technologies startup promises to save people tens of thousands of hours spent wading through monotonous legal documents. AI, capable of analyzing various securities – from stock exchange contracts to land obligations – can do this boring but important work.

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