Free Defraggler review + download portableThere are many other tools that you could use to defrag your hard drive, but free Piriform Defraggler was designed with many special features that give you more control and enhances the defragging speed. You can download and install it on your computer for free.

Disk fragmentation is a common problem that occurs to most computers as they advance in age, and that is why Defraggler was developed.

What is Piriform Defraggler?

It’s free software that you can use to enhance the performance of your computer by defragging the hard drive or specific files that may be fragmented.


1. Enables you to defrag specific files.

Most of the defragging programs defrag the whole disk without giving you the option to specify the data you want to be worked on. It can cause wasted time in case you only want to defrag specific folders or files. The program has a search tool that allows you to search archives by name, type, and several other options.

It also gives you the ability to push large files to the end of the disk for quicker access to the smaller data.

2. Data Safety and Security.

When defragging your drive, the program accesses all your files, so there is always the worry that something might happen, and you lose some critical data. With Disk Defraggler, you have no reason to worry because the software uses the same safeguards that Windows uses when accessing and transferring data.

3. It’s lightweight.

The software is compact and portable. It only takes 3 MB of memory space, but it helps to reclaim much more space besides speeding up performing your computer. Downloading takes just a few seconds, and installation takes less than a minute. It’s a small tool that does monster things.

4. Interactive Drive Maps.

An interactive drive map is a feature that gives you graphical information on what is on your disk and how defragmented your files are. You can use the tool to select files that are fragmented and defrag them.

It gives you a lot of important information about your disk and files at a glance, hence enabling you to save time and take complete control of the defragging process.

5. Quick Defrag.

It’s another nice feature that enables you to hasten the speed of the software whenever you have limited time. A quick defrag might not be very effective, but it still helps when you do it once in a while.

6. Defragmenting free space.

You might assume that the free space on your computer cannot be fragmented. Empty spaces get fragmented, and the same translates to the files that windows write on these spaces.

With Piriform Defraggler, you can defragment even the empty spaces hence preventing the same problem occurring on newly written files.


The program may take a little longer in the first scan, probably because it is putting things in order. It is also possible that it takes longer in case your disk is highly fragmented, but the run times are shorter in subsequent scans.


Free Defraggler is a small but essential tool that you should have on your computer. Not only does it help you create more space in your drive, but it also optimizes the performance of your computer, making it run again like a deer!

You can schedule defragmentation whenever you want, and support comes in over 37 languages. To download Defraggler, you will need just a few seconds, but you will end up saving yourself hours in the long-run.

Defraggler (official website)

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