Comodo Ice Dragon

The Comodo Ice Dragon Browser comes when most people are concerned about their Internet security. It’s another freeware from Comodo that embodies all the features of Mozilla Firefox with major improvements in speeds and internet security. The software is also compatible with Mozilla, and you can even use your add-ons from Mozilla.

What is an Ice Dragon?

It is a browser that works like Mozilla Firefox, but it offers real-time protection by blocking malware and identifying suspicious websites even before you open them.

The Comodo Security Company developed the browser to seal security loopholes identified in most of the browsers. The browser can back up PC security against internet risks.

Key Advantages

The Comodo Ice Dragon comes with several benefits from most of the other browsers in the market today. The following are a few of its pros.

1. Virtual browsing

Virtual browsing is a superior feature that enables the browser to run in an isolated environment from the rest of the computer system. With this feature, you can comfortably browse even infected websites because the rest of the system is separate and shielded from the browser.

However, to enjoy this feature, you need to have Comodo Internet Security installed on your computer.

2. Site Inspector

A site inspector is a security feature that scans websites and gives real-time reports on their security even before you visit them.

Most antiviruses detect malware after you have already clicked on a website or link, so it is always possible that some malware may bypass the antivirus. You can use Comodo Ice Dragon reports to avoid visiting unsafe websites.

3. More secure DNS servers

Even though all browsers use DNS servers, Comodo DNS servers are more secure and faster. The servers can filter out websites with malware, spyware, adware, and phishing.

4. It’s optimized for social media

The Comodo Ice Dragon browser comes with social media buttons that enable you to share websites and links directly with your social media friends and fans. You can even inbox the links if you want to engage people on a personal level.


There are no major disadvantages that have been identified, but many people have reported a few seconds of delay when launching the software.


There are many browsers that you can rely on, but Comodo Ice Dragon comes with some superior features that you may not want to miss, especially if you browse the Internet often.

It’s free software easy to use since it works just like Mozilla Firefox. Download it and seal any security loopholes in your computer!

Comodo Ice Dragon (official website)

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