Carambis Cleaner

Carambis CleanerConstant work on the computer leads to the imminent slowdown of the device. All traces of any activity remain on it. And most of them, which are not needed at all, trash the PC. That is why you require the Carambis Cleaner program, which will remove all unnecessary files in a matter of minutes.

The utility is easy to use. Thanks to its intuitive interface, even inexperienced users will work with it.

You don’t have to manually search for unnecessary files in the registry or program folders (because it can even harm your computer) and delete random copies of certain documents.

All this will be done by the utility automatically, taking nothing extra.

How to use the program

All work with Carambis Cleaner is based on two clicks. The first click will analyze your device. The utility will find useless files; it will show the total size of which in the report.

Then you need to agree to the data cleaning. That’s all the work! After rebooting, you will notice a significant performance difference. “Garbage” files will not hamper your computer.Carambis Cleaner interface

Carambis Cleaner features

  • A quick analysis with a detailed report at the touch of a single button. You don’t have to navigate between different tabs or choose from several options. There is only one button, and you need to work with it.
  • Configure scheduled scanning. Specify the time at which the program should automatically perform the scan. You don’t have to run it many times; it will do all the work itself and give you the result.
  • Deletion of duplicates. If you accidentally save a file twice, the utility will also notice it and gladly delete an unnecessary copy.
  • Find and fix bugs. If Cleaner notices any errors, it will notify you and suggest the best solution, which you have to agree with.

Key Benefits of the Cleaner

  • The program works in 10 languages.
  • Simple installation, which will not take much time.
  • Two types of bug reports. You can view both a compressed and detailed version of the information.
  • Removal of temporary files, unused registry entries, traces of deleted utilities, and much more. The computer will get rid of additional load, which significantly slowed it down.
  • Clearing the history of all browsers. Despite the number of installed browsers on the device, Carambis Cleaner will purge the history and cookies from each of them.
  • Inexpensive license. The utility is not free, but all the money invested is worth it. After all, it will perform a good optimization of the entire device.

Thus, by downloading the Carambis Cleaner, you will get an excellent cleaner with many features and advantages. You will not have to look for anything and remove it manually. Just trust this utility.

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