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It is a festive season, and people are traveling home. Ride-sharing is the latest way to make long-distance journeys. Thanks to BlaBlaCar technology, you can easily share a ride long-distance home. BlaBlaCar is here to offer you many benefits, comfort, security, and ease of travel. Be sure to get the following.

Key Pros

Large Pool of Travelers

The ride-sharing company has 25 million users spread across 22 countries in Europe and beyond. With this number of trusted users in Europe, India, Brazil, and Mexico, be sure to find a company on your route.

Save Money

Making a long-distance journey is never easy or cheap. That air ticket or train fare is not always readily available. Share the cost of fuel in a ride-share for those miles you are traveling. Get BlaBlaCar online or on the app and plan your journey.

Social and Safe Experience

Ride-sharing is a social experience you cannot afford to miss. Avoid long-distance empty seats while driving, characterized by boredom, tiredness, and sleepy experiences. Book insured ride sharing. For ladies, the service offers a lady-only option. The driver and her passengers are all women.

Review Ride-share Partner

With our review option, you can check with your rideshare partner before making that vital decision. The priority is your security, fun-filled journey, and cost-saving.

Easy Access

You can create and manage your account from our websites, IOS, and Android apps for free. With this, you can find rides and connect with other passengers. We offer FAQs and online contact forms.

You can as well reach BlaBlaCar via social media, mainly on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.

Several Impact Partnerships

We have made several partnerships for your safety and comfort. We have marketing affiliates, concession operators, travel companies, and insurance brokers on board. Widget advertisers are partners.

The widget advertising targets areas with large travelers like universities, tourist sites, and festivals. Some top partners include AXA, Ixigo, and VINCI autoroutes, among others.

Heavy Software Investment

Our software development team is constantly upgrading and releasing more user-friendly platforms and apps. You can do all your searches, bookings, and reviews on your browser or app.

Traveling long distances should not be a worry anymore. With cost-sharing in Ride-share like the one offered by Bla Bla Car USA, you shouldn’t worry.

The company has been in operation since 2006 and has amassed enough experience to take you home. Make it social, safe, and less costly.

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