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Best Avira Free Antivirus - review + download Avira Virus ProtectionAvira Free Antivirus is one of the most highly rated and commonly used antivirus in the world today. Every computer requires protection from the dark sides of the Internet. Without malware protection software, it’s hazardous to run a computer. Most operating system companies recommend that every computer should run on an updated antivirus.

The outstanding performance of the Avira software has enabled it to gain a lot of trust scores from many computer users across the world. Its scanning system can block virus attacks, accurately detect threats without confusing good files as dangerous files, and speed up a PC’s performance.

According to many virus scanning tests, Avira Virus Protection tools made no mistake in incorrectly identifying safe sites and files. None of the free Avira Scanning tools has been reported to confuse dangerous files as safe files.

In a test designated to check on Avira virus protection effects on OS performance, most analyzes have shown that Avira slows systems by an average of one second than the normal range. However, if your computer has a fast processor and good RAM, Avira Free Antivirus runs very well without slowing your system.

Why free Avira is the best virus protection software

Key Advantages of using Avira

Antivirus comes with virus protection tools that can detect:

  • malware from websites,
  • removable media,
  • emails
  • and the entire computer system.

The best advantage of using free Avira is that the virus protection system is regularly updated to detect and protect computers from many new threats.

Avira’s support website contains many video tutorials and manuals that can educate users about malware and all sorts of viruses.

Cons or disadvantages

One of the most frustrating things about Avira Antivirus Free is that users must make long-distance calls to seek help from the Avira phone support system in Europe. However, if your issues are not an emergency, you can always use the Avira email support system.


Avira offers one of the best free antivirus features when compared to other competitive software. With Avira, users can access free tools they would typically pay for with other antivirus software.

A free antivirus package allows users to conduct manual and automatic scans from a series of pre-defined scan sets such as my computer, my documents, local drives, and all active processes on PC. The antivirus software also protects your computer from phishing attempts from games, apps, and suspicious websites known to contain threats.

Avira Antivirus Free is a superb software that can detect viruses and malware files from a computer accurately. Use Avira today for the best run of your PC!

Publisher: Avira GmbH

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