AVG Free Antivirus 2018

AVG Free Antivirus download & review free edition for WindowsAVG Free Antivirus has remained one of the most popular software for PC protection! This is mainly because it provides some superior features that you cannot access with other antivirus for free.

AVG Free Antivirus Review

Viruses are harmful codes that can destroy your computer. These codes are created and released every day by hackers and ill-intentioned people.

A good antivirus is one which continues being updated regularly to ensure it remains immune to new viruses. AVG has continued to evolve and has now produced the free edition which is more advanced and provides better protection.

What is AVG Free Antivirus?

The following are some of the pros of using this program:

1. Regular updates.

The antivirus is updated regularly with new specifications. This enables it to protect your computer or mobile device from malwares and spywares that have been developed recently.

2. Compatibility with most operating systems.

AVG is compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista and 2000. Whichever you prefer using, you will be able to download and use AVG antivirus.

3. Easy to install and use.

Unlike other antivirus, downloading and installing AVG is easy and simple with a straightforward installation wizard.

4. Small download size.

Antivirus are known to take a lot of memory space in a computer or mobile device. AVG is a small download file that will only take a very small amount of space in your device.

5. Scanning links.

It is very easy to get your computer or mobile device attacked by malwares while opening links on the web and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This software is one of the best antiviruses when it comes to blocking viruses from such links. With AVG Antivirus free edition, you can browse the web and use social media sites without fear.

6. Little system impact.

Most antiviruses will slow down your computer while scanning. AVG has very little impact on the performance of your computer even when carrying out a system scan.

This is very helpful considering that scanning can take a long time. With free AVG, you can do your work normally as scanning continues.

7. Improving PC performance.

Free Antivirus comes with a built-in performance enhancement feature. You can use this feature to speed up your computer.


You will see regular ads popping up to promote the premium AVG version. These ads may annoy you but you can always close them down if you are not ready to upgrade.


AVG free edition is currently one of the best virus protection for PC. It offers most of the basic features that you can’t do without if you care about your privacy and safety of your computer.

The fact that AVG Free Antivirus also comes with a built in performance enhancer feature makes it a resource that you should actually consider having!

Publisher: AVG Technologies

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