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Avast Free Antivirus - download best free antivirus softwareFeaturing a great user interface along with reliable malware protection, Avast Free Antivirus is once again one of the most highly rated anti-virus programs today! Here, we break down the major pros and cons of this program and explain why free Avast is one of the best virus software programs out there.

In previous years, free Avast antivirus has consistently ranked as the best service. There isn’t a catch to this service either. Users can download the software for a month for free, although they will have to register with an email address to get a full year of free service.

For those wondering how Avast can stay in business, they make the most of their money from the optional extras that can be found in their online store. These paid-for products are optional and unnecessary, mainly since free malware protection is already provided. The store is full of paid-for features, but the software rarely reminds users of paid-for options.

Avast Virus Protection

In tests, Avast Antivirus Free for Windows 7-10 has been shown to have more than adequate protection. In one test looking at 100 threats, Avast prevented all but three occurrences. The company was given a protection score of 271 out of 300, and the performance is certainly backed up by its unobtrusive behavior while installing legitimate applications. Avast also has one of the best interfaces available today.

Here are five types of scans of the free Avast Software:

  • viruses,
  • outdated software,
  • threats,
  • potential performance issues,
  • and SmartScan.

These scans cover almost every area necessary, not only removing threats but also informing users of unnecessary applications and programs. Practically every aspect of the service offered can be tailored to personal preferences, making it an excellent option for those who are technically minded.

Users should keep in mind that while Avast Antivirus offers excellent protection, it does not provide as many services as paid antivirus programs.

For example, Avast’s Grime fighter tool lets users know how many unnecessary programs are installed on a PC. Still, users will have to fix the program manually or pay a small fee for Avast to resolve the issue. Some of Avast’s more detailed applications are not available for free.

Bottom Line

What is Avast Antivirus Free? It is the best anti-virus software program on the market at the moment. While it doesn’t offer the same reliability as the top paid-for products, it still provides superior protection.

For users who want to make sure they’re protected against malware and other online threats, Avast Software should be your first choice!

Publisher: Avast Software

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